Monday, June 30, 2014

Living in His Greatness

Our local church using Hope for Kids

Pacific Interns - team bonding at the Mudpools

Dinner date for my 28th birthday

Celebrating my birthday with the interns - prayer of blessing

Maba, Bill, an Edward sharing the Good News in Nabila village

Pacific Interns and villagers after church

Maba enjoying quality time with his mom

Greeting Steph at the airport - reunited!

Sharing the Gospel in the village with these children

 “Because he who is in you is greater than the he
who is in the world.” I John 4:4

During the month of June we have been able to reflect on God’s sovereignty. We also experienced His grace and power over our circumstances that enable us to keep investing in the lives of His people that come across our path. I just finished a book called “Greater” by Steven Furtick which has been super encouraging yet challenging as we continue to follow God’s leading in our lives. I’d love to share a few insights the author gave that really impacted me and I pray that it touches your heart as well.

*God desires us to live in His GREATNESS so that we would have greater vision, greater impact, and greater effectiveness in the things He has called us to.
*God doesn’t just do GREATER things exclusively through GREAT people. He does GREATER things through those who are willing to trust Him in GREATER ways.
*God’s great ambition in leading us into GREATER things isn’t for us to know WHAT TO DO but to know WHO HE IS.
*When we EMBRACE our limitations then God can begin to use us in GREATER ways BEYOND those limitations.

The declaration of my heart lately has been:
“GREAT things He has done and GREATER things yet to come!”

5 Years!!! – Since June 29, 2009
I stand in awe of my Savior and Lord as I celebrate 5 years as a missionary in Fiji. He has stretched me spiritually in more ways than I can count. He has strengthened me as a leader, teacher, and mentor within ministry. He has provided for me in miraculous ways. He has sustained me through highs and lows of persevering on the field. He has poured out His grace and favor empowering me to do the work. Praise the Lord God Almighty! To Him be all the glory, honor, and praise! Thank you all for being part of this ministry team and supporting us through prayers, giving, and encouragement! We are so blessed!

June Happenings

Rejuvenation  – After helping with the staff-training course at the EE Centre, Maba and I were able to take about a week off to rest and prepare for the next mission group. We were so grateful to be at our home for a little while to be reenergized, spend time with family, and catch up with those in the local church community whom we disciple and do ministry with. It was also a blessing to be present for a Sunday service at our home church.

Hope for Kids – This month I was able to continue to build up the new local H4K workers here and see them in action. It was so encouraging to see them take the initiative to help churches that were trained and promote the ministry of Hope for Kids. Our team was also able to conduct a great deal of follow-up to churches that have been trained over the past few years. The feedback and results were extremely encouraging. Many Sunday school teachers shared that the children never want to miss a session and have great stories of sharing the Gospel with their friends! In our local church there are about 15 children being trained and it was so fun to see them excited to work in their activity books and practice the Gospel Pathway hand actions!

Pacific Interns – On June 16th the internship began so we are back again full-time staying at the EE Centre. This is the 3rd year we are blessed to be part of the leadership team. The group of 13 represents 5 different nations: USA, China, Finland, Australia, and Fiji, and they are a truly special group of spiritually mature and focused individuals. We are enjoying getting to know them and hearing their testimonies. The past 2 weeks they have been learning about their strengths and gifts, casting a vision, understanding God’s call, and evangelism. Maba and I wear different hats during the internship as we lead and serve from organizing daily worship, teaching and training, leading outreach teams, helping them adjust to the Fijian culture, outlining program details, running errands, and offering encouragement and support. We thank the Lord for the unity and great dynamics among the team! The interns have shared how beneficial and challenging the sessions and outreach events have been so far as they embrace being away from their normal routines and cultures. Four more weeks to go and we’re excited for how God is going to reveal Himself to them in great ways and do amazing things around them!

OJT Testimonies:
*One group went and spoke to a Hindu woman at her home. She was a bit resistant to the Gospel at first. During the Gospel presentation she fainted and collapsed. The team was a bit shocked and nervous. After a few minutes she was able to stand up, and she said that she had an overwhelming sense that she was meant to really listen to what they shared and make a step to believe in Jesus! She prayed to receive Christ with them and asked them to please come back again to share more. How amazing!
*Maba went with Bill and Edward (both from the US) to Nabila village and were able to meet with a couple and their nephew.  They were able to share the whole Gospel and the 3 people were eager to accept Christ and live with hope and purpose! Maba’s group was able to connect them to a nearby church and ask the leaders to follow-up with the family.
*I was able to share with a Class 6 student one afternoon. She believed in Jesus but her family did not attend church regularly. I shared with her the importance of growing in faith and asked her how she would like to grow. She shared that she wants to have more Christian friends and be more involved at church and Sunday school. I encouraged her to keep studying God’s Word and praying for opportunities to be surrounded with the right people and environments to grow spiritually. It was a joy to see her desire to know more about God!

What’s ahead for the Pacific Interns?
·      Partnering with an Australian youth mission team for EE trainings                    and fellowship
·      Getting equipped in Island EE, XEE, and Hope for Kids
·      Seeing and experiencing other areas of Fiji
·      Theology and Missions sessions with Archbishop Harry from Sydney
·      Sessions on God’s call with Norman Blackaby from the US
·      Community projects in villages, schools, and prisons

Reunited Back in January, I shared about Stephanie Orr from Australia who was part of our mission team to the outer island of Kadavu. She was so blessed by her time here that she was ready to come again with her church youth mission team to continue to be part of missions in the Pacific. Steph has returned now as a leader with the group for a 2 weeks mission trip. It has been a blessing to see her in action pouring into the young ones on the team and teaching up front. We have been able to catch up and encourage one another about the different ways God has been moving in our lives personally and spiritually. Steph continues to minister to Aboriginal communities in Sydney as she pursues her degree in and is very involved with the youth at her church. Next week she will work together with myself and our local EE workers to conduct a Hope for Kids workshop in Suva. I’m excited to see her teach and be stretched in her strengths!
Prayer Needs
Local EE trainings during the next 2 weeks
Interns group as they seek God’s call on their lives and pursue ministry opportunities
Our leadership team as we serve the interns
Young people in EE Fiji we are discipling

Thank you for cheering us on with your support through prayers and giving! It’s such a blessing to serve others together and allowing God to use us in different ways to speak truth and love on people. We hope you have been encouraged our stories from this past month. Please feel free to share this ministry update with those who will also be encouraged and/or led to support financially!

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Sarah & Maba

Monday, June 2, 2014

Living Life to the Full

2-Year Anniversary dinner date

Boat outing - beautiful day!

EE Fiji family

EE Fiji family

Sisters in Christ - visiting a Rusila's church

Shared the Gospel with these girls who prayed to receive Jesus

Hope for Kids outreach at a primary school

Hope for Kids staff training at the EE Centre

Maba leading a Sunday service in a rural church
Maba praying with the students

Little Samu so cute

Maba during OJT sharing his faith

Brothers in Christ - visiting an Indian church

Young Adults Fellowship at church

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full…They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”
John 10:10;16

The month of May was a time of on-going ministry, long yet rewarding days, and seeing God work and answer our prayers in different ways personally and on the field. As we continue to step out in faith and meet the needs around us we have experienced God’s favor and blessing in unforgettable ways. Also, God has re-affirmed us in our strengths and passions giving us unspeakable joy for the calling He has given us. It was a blessing for us to see much fruit from our ministry during this past month!

May Ministry Events

Leadership Development Training

Serving  – Maba and I spent 6 weeks at the EE Centre helping to facilitate a course to train a group of 29 from 8 different nations (USA, Chile, India, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Fiji) along with 15 other EE staff. It was wonderful to fellowship with these special people and serve them in various ways to help them learn and succeed while being equipped to be EE staff and prepare them to carry out ministry in their own countries.

Investing – During the course we had many opportunities to speak into the lives of the field workers through one-on-one and small group interaction. We enjoyed sharing testimonies from our time the past several years in full-time ministry, providing insight and encouragement when they shared their questions and fears, and praying with and for them. We also developed special bonds with the group that will continue once they go home. Our family in EE International continues to grow and expand in amazing ways!

Hope for Kids – During 2 of the 6 weeks, I was in charge of training the Kids EE workers in the Hope for Kids ministry so that they are able to run workshops and help local churches in their nations use the materials and equip children to share their faith. It was such a pleasure to teach this group since they were open, passionate, and ready to grow in their ministry roles. I pushed them outside their comfort zones in a constructive way and saw great improvements from each one. I was very encouraged by their positive feedback of my teaching and training. Our team’s theme song is called “There’s No One Like Jesus” which is a fun action song and we were able to translate it into Fijian, Spanish, Hindi, and Malawi!

Local Workshop – Our team led a 3-day training for 26 participants from13 local churches. I saw our staff present teaching units successfully and observed the trainees grasp the mission and vision of Hope for Kids. It was a great time of fellowship for the whole group. One afternoon we hosted an outreach event at a local primary school where we presented a fun program to the students including sharing the Gospel to each one in small groups. 30 of the 44 students prayed to receive Jesus Christ that morning! Praise God! Since the workshop, most of the Sunday school teachers trained have already begun using Hope for Kids with their children in church! We’re excited to see many come to know the Lord through children!

Adult EE – Maba was able to help the Adult EE team prepare for the local trainings. He guided those who would be teaching and presenting illustrations. The team was able to conduct 2 local trainings in different towns. 33 trainees from 17 different churches were equipped and during OJT 169 people heard the Gospel where 71 of them prayed to receive Christ! Wow God is so good! Maba was so blessed to see the fruit of his efforts in promoting and organizing for the trainings. The trainees are really excited to now teach others in their church to share their faith and be active witnesses in their communities.

Local Ministry

Bible Study and Prayer Partners – During May I was able to have fellowship with Rusila several times. I am so grateful for her as a sister and friend here in Fiji. We studied the Word and prayed together as we shared praises as well as hardships. Rusila has been serving as an Adult EE worker but during the training course at the EE centre she came under my leadership to learn Hope for Kids. I have seen her grow so much and I am so proud of how she has overcome her fears and doubts as she prepares to help me oversee Hope for Kids in Fiji and Oceania. God is lifting her up and expanding her ministry! She has come so far as a godly young woman since I met her 5 years ago when I first came out to Fiji.

Reaching out to the Hindu community – Maba and I along with the EE team were invited to a party by one of our bus drivers. His little daughter was turning 5 and they were having a big celebration at their home. They are Hindu and we took this opportunity to be a testimony and example of our faith to those who attended. The little girl’s father asked Maba and I to be part of the program by cutting the cake for the birthday girl and our whole team was asked to come up front and sing “Happy Birthday” and share a few words of blessing.

Young Adults Fellowship – We had a great time helping our church host a young adults coffee night. We were able to bring some friends, play some icebreakers, share testimonies, and get to know everyone. Maba and I have such a heart for young people, and we are so thankful to the Lord for events where we are able to interact with young people and encourage them personally and spiritually. This month we particularly spent time with a young girl we disciple and whose family we are close to. She was thankful to us for spending quality time with her and encouraging her in the situations she was facing.

Meeting with young local EE workers – Some of the team were present at the same time at the EE centre so Maba and I brought them all together so we could be updated with how each of them are doing in ministry (and personally) and how we can be praying for them. It was an encouraging time of sharing as we heard their testimonies and prayed together. These young people are family to us and it’s a joy to support them and spend time with them whenever we can. God continues to use them in mighty ways as they serve in their own areas!

Marriage and Future

Celebrating 2 yearsThis past weekend Maba and I had a fun anniversary weekend and were able to do a few special things as a result of being blessed by my wonderful parents. It was a much needed getaway for alone time together since being at the EE Centre surrounded by 40 people 24/7 the past several weeks. We praise God for His faithfulness and carrying us through the past 2 years together as we have served together in ministry and grown as husband and wife!

Planning ahead – God is leading us in a special way for the next season of our lives. We’re excited for all that’s ahead and continue to seek the Lord’s confirmation in the next steps. As things become more certain and concrete we look forward to sharing everything with you!

Prayer Needs
Pacific Internship Course (June 15-July 26) – leading the team and assisting with trainings
Assisting the Australian Team from Wollongong while they are here for a 2 weeks mission trip
Discipling and strengthening the young local EE Fiji team
Need for increased Financial Support
Future plans for our marriage and ministry

Thank you for blessing us with your prayers and support! We would not be able to do what we do on the mission field without it. We praise God for using you all to be our support system and ministry team from near and far. Great things He has done and greater things to come! We hope you have been encouraged our stories from this past month. Please feel free to share this ministry update with those who will also be encouraged and/or led to support financially!

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Sarah & Maba

Friday, May 9, 2014

Covered in His GRACE

Blessing a pastor's family for dinner and doing an Easter activity dying eggs with their kids

Helping with a traditional Fijian ceremony for relatives

Trainees receiving certificates after teaching Hope for Kids in a local church

Maba's surprise birthday party - fun times with great family friends

Mudpool adventure! Relaxing and soothing!

We love quality time with our nieces and nephews :)

Outreach and fellowship in Lautoka with Nikita and her sister

Palm Sunday lunch with Maba's mom

Visiting university students to encourage them

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’…That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
2 Corinthians 12:9-10

During the month of April it seemed like we were white-water rafting down a raging river. There were lots of twists and turns, bumping into rocks, and going with the current. As we experienced God using us in more ways to greatly influence others spiritually and accomplish His purposes, we also faced stronger persecution and opposition for persevering in what God has called us to do here on the mission field. God drew us closer to Himself in very special ways as our Defender and Redeemer and Champion! And God allowed us to grow deeper in our marriage as side by side we surrendered all things to Him, letting our mighty Savior fight our battles. We encountered His power and grace that lifted us up and give Him all the praise and glory for stretching us in new ways to conquer unexpected circumstances.

April Mission Highlights

·      Organizing and Promoting EE trainings – Maba visited different churches and was able to confirm a venue for upcoming trainings. He also attended meetings for local pastors and traveled to the local churches to share about EE, distribute brochures, and invite their church leaders to the next local trainings.  He received great feedback from the church community and many are looking forward to being equipped with the tool of EE and using it!

·      Hope for Kids – This month I completed a local workshop for 7 local Sunday school teachers, which was a great time of fellowship and learning. It was amazing to see them catch the vision of teaching children to share the Gospel and they will use the Hope for Kids materials in their Sunday school classes and afternoon Kids Clubs in different residential areas. Also during April, I refined the manuals I use for staff-training, followed up with local H4K workers, and obtained 2014 Ministry Plans from the different nations in Oceania. I look forward to all God will do through Hope for Kids this year.

·      Ministry Follow-Up – Maba and I met with a dear couple (Ranjini and Vashneel) in Nadi and friends in Suva to encourage them spiritually and in their local ministries. It was wonderful to hear how they are stepping out in faith and using EE in their local areas. Two university students who we trained in January in Kadavu taught a basic presentation of EE during their campus ministry Easter camp to students from different local universities. We also caught up with young people in our local area with whom we have ongoing mentoring relationships. It is a great blessing to invest in them and speak into their lives.

·      Reaching a Hindu Family – Maba and I have a close friend named Nikita (we’ve shared stories about her before). She’s the only Christian in her family. Recently her family was facing some hardships and she asked us to come help and encourage her family members. Usually they put up walls when we have visited them before but this past month we saw God move in powerful ways and break down some of those walls. We were able to share with them the hope we have in the one, true living God. They also let us pray with and for them in their current situations as we saw they were extremely disheartened and feeling helpless. We saw Nikita’s mom’s (the strongest Hindu in their family) expression and response to us soften and after we prayed her eyes were filled with uncontrollable tears; all this really touched our hearts. We are praying that Nikita’s whole family will come to know the Lord.

·      Starting a Bible StudyMy relationship with Nikita has grown stronger and she is family to us. She is also one of our main financial supporters here in Fiji. She is such a blessing to us, ever ready to help us. It was fun and encouraging to see her desire to begin Bible study sessions with me. She wanted to know more about God’s promises and His plan for His children. We had our first one in town at a coffee shop studying God’s Word and sharing about this topic. I look forward to more times of fellowship like this with her!

·      Expanding our Ministry Network – We have been meeting new people from different churches lately as we attend different kinds of fellowship such as small groups and campus ministries. We really enjoyed attending the Christian Fellowship at Fiji National University hanging out with students and offering to be involved in any way we can help and serve. We along with another local EE worker have also been reaching out in a remote village by getting to know a confident, bright young lady who will soon attend the Pacific Internship and training others in the village in using EE. There are only 2 churches in their area so we pray that EE will be effective and many will hear the Gospel.

·      Local Church Community – Through God’s leading we have been getting involved in a new church the past month. We attended their young adults group and were able to encourage them and offer suggestions for fellowship. We also hosted a pastor’s family in our home for dinner and had a great time blessing them with a meal and dying Easter eggs with their cute daughters. During Easter week we participated in evening services and helped with the church picnic, which was fun times in the park playing sports. Recently, the senior pastor and his wife hosted a married couples event in their home where we had a feast and were able to get to know other lovely couples and share how God brought each of us together as husband and wife. It was the first time Maba and I had attended something like that since being married so we had good fun with everyone.

·      BirthdayMaba’s birthday came around April 15th. He got lots of treats and a fun surprise birthday party. We even went to a few natural mudpools for some relaxation at a nearby hot spring! And I found a bakery that sells Filipino bread if you make special orders, which Maba loved! We also celebrated with Maba’s family which is always special.

Prayer Needs
·      Promotion and Organization for EE trainings in May and June
·      Assisting with the Leadership Development Training at the EE Centre for about six weeks
·      Raising up more young people to expand the EE ministry and build up the local churches
·      Need for increased Financial Support

Thank you for continuing to support us through your prayers and giving! We are incredibly blessed having you all have the desire to be part of what God is doing here in Fiji and internationally through the ministry of EE! God demonstrates is faithfulness and power as He uses us here and carries us through. We hope you have been encouraged by the testimonies we have shared. Please feel free to share this ministry update with those who will also be encouraged and/or led to support financially!

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Sarah & Maba

Monday, March 31, 2014

March '14 Update Challenging yet Heartwarming

Blessing a mom and new baby

Couples Weekend Retreat

Quality time together at a Cultural Show

Field Worker interviews at the EE Centre

Lifting our spirits with fellowship

Teaching Hope for Kids

Hospital visitation

Hosting fellow EE workers at home

Maba harvesting bananas from our yard

“By standing firm you will gain life.” Luke 21:19
“All things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27
“Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as
 it is in heaven.” Matt. 6:10

March was a challenging yet heartwarming month to say the least. We faced circumstances that brought us to our knees, caused us to weep, and made us yearn for our Lord and Savior. And God met us within these situations that recharged our battery in every way, reminded us of the hope we have in Christ, and filled us with a renewed sense of security in His grace and provision. The scriptures above encouraged us throughout this month to not limit our vision of what God can do and to trust that God’s purposes will always be accomplished despite our trying circumstances.

March Ministry Highlights

·      Young Adults Fellowship – Some of the young people in our church were feeling a bit down so Maba and I organized several outings and fellowship nights to lift their spirits and encourage them spiritually. It was lighthearted fun being unified in Christ and supporting one another. It was wonderful to see them persevere and hold fast to their faith. It’s always an honor for us to be used to help young people discern what is important and affirm them as children of God.

·      Loved ones before the Lord – This month was a real reminder of how precious this life is but also of the great things to come when God calls us home. Several of Maba’s relatives and a small group member passed away this month. We praise God for giving life and taking His own in His perfect timing. Maba was thankful to have visited his aunt at the hospital and pray with her before she passed away and share to his cousins the assurance of salvation. Maba’s cousin passed unexpectedly which was overwhelming for the family and church community. Maba was able to spend time with their family to help them sort out things and prepare for the service.

·      Hospital Visitations – Maba and I spent a great deal of time visiting friends, family, and people in the local community at the hospital and praying over them. Several illnesses have been going around and there has been an outbreak of Dengue Fever in major regions of Fiji. We praise God for covering us with His protection and healing. One young girl who just had an operation was moved to tears when we shared the Gospel with her and prayed with her. We look forward to having glorified bodies in heaven where there is no sickness and no pain!

·      Couples Weekend Retreat – Maba and I had a wonderful weekend with my dear friend/sister Lavenia and her husband plus their little girl. It was a much needed Spring Getaway to catch up on life, marriage, and ministry together. We met halfway at the Coral Coast and had a great time doing what we love – swimming and eating! It was fun to rest and relax and enjoy each other’s company since our last weekend trip together during Thanksgiving last year.

·      Fundraising & Provision – We hosted a successful Afternoon Tea & Treats Fundraiser at our home one Saturday afternoon. We are so thankful for our mission supporters here in Fiji who continue to pray and give to this ministry. And we were so blessed by family who helped us with all the preparations and refreshments. It was a great event to also bring our family and friends together for fun and fellowship. We have been praying for God to meet us in our financial needs and this month we saw God answer our prayers in unexpected ways!

·      New Opportunities – God has presented us with open doors to promote EE and teach Hope for Kids in a local church. This church has welcomed us with open arms and is even allowing EE Fiji to host a training in the coming months. The senior pastor has met with us several times and it’s been so encouraging and refreshing to fellowship with someone who is greatly mission-minded and sensitive to the spiritual needs within the local church community. And we are excited to start new Bible studies with young men and woman in our local area.

·      EE Follow-up & Hospitality – We were able to contact the churches on the island of Kadavu (where we took a team in January) and they have informed us that they have started implementing Hope for Kids in Sunday school and villages! So exciting to hear the testimonies and positive feedback from these areas! Also this month we were able to host fellow EE workers from remote, interior areas of different island for several days. It was humbling to hear their stories of ministry, pray together, and bless them as they are family to us. We hope to conduct more EE trainings in their area later this year. Plus, I got to meet with Rusila (another EE worker and young person we mentor) several times and because of her ministry efforts her local church has increased in number and their network of reaching out has expanded! I’m so blessed to have Rusila has a prayer partner as well and it’s always such a joy to share with her and encourage one another in personal and ministry matters.

·      EE Field Worker Interviews and Meetings – We traveled to the EE Centre to help with interviews. We continue to see the great need for field workers and train up more people to pass the baton to as things expand in ministry. We also met with one of our EE supervisors to share our heart and burdens and discuss the future. We thank God for the constructive and beneficial conversation to help us think things through and prepare for what’s ahead.

Prayer Needs
·      Promotion and Organization for EE trainings in May
·      Teaching Hope for Kids in local churches
·      Training young people to delegate responsiblities to
·      Upcoming EE staff training course (6-weeks) at the EE centre
·      Great need for Financial Support

Thank you for encouraging our hearts and spirits with your prayers and support! We are greatly moved by the ways God is using us here to minister, meet the needs of others, and witness with His message of hope. We hope you have been blessed through this update. Please feel free to share this ministry update with those who will also be encouraged and/or led to support financially!

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Rooted in Christ,