Monday, September 27, 2010

Enlarging the territory of ministry

some of the mission team and myself eating lunch at home in the flat

visiting with Pastor Manoa and the family...I'm holding Sera in my lap!

Some of the youth who participated in the service....wearing Kubuna t-shirts representing the Kubuna confederacy of Fiji (represents certain provinces and villages in Fiji)

dancing Fijian meke hehe

La, Ninny, and myself at a Kids workshop

Hope for Kids workshop in Nausori

all night practice for Kubuna youth service....some of the lovely ladies

Hope for Kids workshop in Mumbai, India

During this month, God has continued to enlarge my area of ministry. He has also shown His faithfulness is such an amazing ways.

My trip to Mumbai, India was a wonderful learning experience. The population of Mumbai is about 20 million people, which is about the same population as all of Australia. So being in the city was overwhelming. Mumbai is also the city with the largest amount of slum areas. It was a culture shock to see the people in such great poverty as they hung their clothes on the side of the road, built an extremely small tent under a bridge, or begging anywhere. The streets were filled with trash and awful smells. I saw the caste system come to life. It definitely takes special people to minister there. The workshop was very successful. It was wonderful time of teaching and fellowship.

Hope for Kids workshop details:

§ 41 trainees representing 20 different churches

§ 6 Kids EE Field Workers

§ OJT held at a local school (majority of students coming from the slums)

§ 33 out of 40 students prayed to receive Christ

I thoroughly enjoyed the OJT. The principal of the school said to me, “You truly have a way with children. They usually find it very difficult to interact with others using English. We were so surprised at the way they responded with you as you taught them Gospel action songs, games, and shared the Gospel. We need to pray for our very own ‘Sarah’ here in Mumbai. We wish you could stay longer and help teach.”

During the Kids workshop, my EE boss Rod Story shared some interesting facts that touched my heart and made me understand even more the importance of children’s ministry and evangelism.

Out of the world’s population of about 6 billion, 1.68 billion are children under the age of 14. Of that 1.68 billion children about 6 million live in poverty, disease, substance abuse, or broken homes. And 26,000 children in that age range die everyday. Just imagine what percentage of those 26,000 children knew Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord? Makes you step back and wonder.

Since returning from India, I have been busy with varying things. I taught another Hope for Kids workshop at a church near my flat. I have also been assisting the Fijian EE workers with several clinics as well as participating in the young adult ministry at La’s church.

This past week I had the opportunity to be involved with the young people at La’s church for the youth service on Sunday. I was able to take part in the special performances of Fijian dance and song. On Friday we had an all-night practice. 30 young people gathered for fellowship, fun, and a great time of worship and prayer. I was so happy to be part of the group! During the service I was able to do the welcome and icebreaker as well as perform. The theme was “It’s Now or Never” – a challenge to the youth to make a decision now to fulfill God’s calling on our lives.

Over the weekend I was also able to visit one of the EE workers and his family. I spent time with them last year. Their family has been a huge encouragement to my ministry. Pastor Manoa and his wife just had their 6th children in March. Pastor Manoa’s wife was pregnant the other kids had kept saying, “Mom we know it’s going to be a girl and we have to name her Sarah so we never forget Sarah!” I was so touched they had named their daughter after me! Here in Fiji when someone is named after you or has the same name as you, you call them your namesake or in Fijian,“yaca” (pronounced “ya-tha”).

I praise God for the place I have been residing and the people I have been surrounded by. It has brought me great joy to fellowship with young people who make me feel loved and cherished. God continues to sustain me amidst the busyness of ministry. Also, at my flat we finally got a refrigerator! After searching and searching and not wanting to compromise my budget, the Lord provided one for FREE! What an amazing blessing!

Thank you all your prayers and support! Your heart for giving to missions is touching the lives of many children, young people, and ministry leaders in Fiji and beyond. The ministry I’m part of here is continuing to expand in so many wonderful ways! Be blessed. ~ Sarah Abadines

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oso oso i cakacaka ni Turaga....busy busy is the work of the Lord

As we say in Fiji – God is good all the time….and all the time God is good!

It has now been a week since the interns departed for their home countries. During our last morning together, we sat in a circle sharing and reflecting. It was a blessing to hear what they have learned and how God has impacted them during the trip. I give God glory for equipping me to co-lead this mission trip for young men and women who are about the same age as me. Then with many hugs and tears we all said our goodbyes. I am going to definitely miss the fellowship. They have become very close to my heart.

From July 10-20 our team was in Vanuatu to help an Australian team run EE clinics. Vanuatu consists of 80 small islands. Christianity is one of the major religions. The popular denominations include Presbyterian, Catholic, and Anglican. We spent time on two different islands, Efate and Santo. The culture in Vanuatu is very different from Fiji – less welcoming and safe. And most of their food lacked flavor and spices. The people were more conservative and villages were more primitive than here in Fiji. It was very interesting to stay there. The locals are called “Ni-vans”. Our first few days there I got to have quality time with one of my best Fijian girlfriends who moved there to work. It was so good to catch up wit her! She helped our team settle into Vanuatu culture.

EE has been present in Vanuatu for over twenty years! There are currently four local EE field workers with two being added in a few months. Our team and the Australian team worked together to conduct an EE clinic for adults and youth in a local church while I taught a Hope for Kids workshop with children’s leaders outside under a massive tent. All the trainees were lovely people with a heart for witnessing. 25 people were trained in the adult/youth clinic, and 10 people were trained in the kids workshop. The Hope for Kids workshop that I conducted lasted 3 days. Each day was long and intense. By the last day, my voice was feeling extremely strained. Kids workshops entail so much such as playing different games and activities, singing songs, doing crafts. I praise God for giving me enough energy to push through.

For the workshop OJT, we gathered 35 kids from the surrounding area who had just finished their school day where 29 of them prayed to receive Jesus. We taught them action songs and hand motions of the Gospel presentation. Later that evening we had a church rally where I was able to help lead the praise & worship and perform cultural dances. It was great fun! Then our team was divided into small groups to share the Gospel with those who had been invited from the community. I was able to share with 8 children. Their eyes were glistening and wide-open as they hung on my every word. I knew God was moving right then and there. Each child prayed to receive Jesus. I came to tears as I prayed with the children individually. It was beautiful.

Please be praying for:

Name - Age

Anisa – 12

Roslyne – 11

Rosela - 11

Rosina – 12

Lovuk – 10

Masten – 6

Anna – 8

Jenny – 9

Linda – 10

Alicia – 9

Let me share with you the story of the 6 year old boy Masten. The other school kids told me that he and his sister Rosina come from a broken home. Their parents divorced and abandoned them. Some relatives are now looking after them. I learned that children in class 1 through 8 are able to attend school for free through government aid. However children in kindergarten must pay school fees. Masten was supposed to be in kindergarten this year, but the relatives did not have any money to pay for Masten to go to school. I felt sad for this child who couldn’t help the circumstances he had been placed in. I asked Masten if he liked school and wanted to go to school. He said yes very much. The next day I talked to his Sunday School teacher who was one of my trainees. I asked him how much the school fees were for kindergarten. He said that it cost 7,000 Vatu (Vanuatu currency) for the school year plus 2,000 Vatu for a school uniform and backpack. 9,000 Vatu is $90 USD. I was moved right then and there to bless Masten by providing the funds needed for him to get through kindergarten. For me personally as a teacher, education is so important! It makes such a difference in their future. Later that morning the Sunday school teacher shared with those attending the clinics and our teams of Masten’s situation. He came to tears as he shared with everyone how he is now being sponsored to go to school. I was able to hand Masten an envelope with the funds needed. He was smiling from ear to ear. So precious!

Please be praying for those who were trained and witnessed to in Vanuatu as the local EE staff carry on the ministry there.

Right now I am spending quality time with my sister Sheilah, who arrived in Fiji on July 23rd. She will be here til August 8th. It’s been such a joy for me to show her my life here personally and in ministry. She has been able to have mission and cultural experiences as well as see the beauty of the Fiji Islands!

Continue to be richly blessed,

Sarah Abadines

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Me cecere ka rokovi na Turaga (To God be the glory!)

Me cecere ka rokovi na Turaga (To God be the glory!)

It has almost been a month now since returning to Fiji. Despite being absent during April and May, it feels like I never left. I have such peace and joy in continuing to do the Lord’s work here. I have really enjoyed catching up with my close friends here and people I consider family, and I have settled back into my home here at the EE Training Centre. During this past month I have been co-leading the Fiji Interns Course with Langdon Stewart (EE Vice President for Oceania). We are just now finishing the fourth week of the six-week course.

Overseas Interns:

Megan DeGraaf – Florida

Karen Williams – Florida

Rebecca Carritt – Australia

Lenny Bryant – Australia

Sharon LeeKorea

Viviene Voon – Malaysia

Local Fijian Interns:

Lavenia Aditora (full-time EE worker & co-leader in last December’s youth course)

Rajani Naickar (full-time EE worker & participant in last December’s youth course)

Wilson Kumar (full-time EE worker & participant in last December’s youth course)

Elenoa Toloi


Pita Botaloga

The mission team has meshed very well and has grown to be a little family. We have definitely kept the participants busy. These young people are individuals who are trying to identify God’s calling in their lives. They are all interested in one way or another in the field of missions or full-time ministry. Our prayer is that this trip will allow them to really take the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and be in His presence seeking His Will for them. Intentional time with the Lord has been a great focus.

The past four weeks the team has had ample opportunities to reach out to the community and experience Fijian culture. We have hosted a school assembly at a Christian primary school, spent quality time with children in an orphanage & donated supplies, attended a local youth rally, conducted a youth EE clinic, performed a service project in a village, and stayed a few days in a village up in the highlands.

During the Youth EE Clinic we trained 15 youth and went out on several OJTs. One trainee, Kolaia, was so moved by clinic. On his last OJT he was able to share the entire Gospel presentation with a family. He was so encouraged to see how God could use him to draw other people to salvation. When he testified about the OJT to the group, I was brought to tears. As a result of the OJTs 63 contacts and 39 people prayed to receive Jesus.

The village we visited in the highlands was a village I stayed in for over a week last September. It was so wonderful to see the people there again and fellowship with them, especially the youth. They served us in so many ways and the team was greatly blessed. The church service on Sunday was over three hours of hearing God’s Word, special performances, testimonies, and amazing Fijian style praise and worship. In this village were two youth who attended the Youth Course I conducted last December – Aseri and Tevita. I was able to spend some one-on-one time with them. I was so encouraged to hear how God is raising them up as leaders among their youth and congregation. I was able to pray with them along with the interns who were also part of the December youth course. During our prayer session we all began to cry praising God for being able to be together again and continuing to serve in ministry. Tears poured from me as I felt so blessed to be part of their lives and for them to be my family away from home.

I have truly seen these young people on the team grow and transform. They have a passion for the Lord and a heart for the lost. I praise God for being able to serve as a mentor to them in different ways. Plus I have learned so much in leadership and have gained lots of love and insight from each person in the group. I have enjoyed sharing my story with them and being there to answer any questions about ministry and mission work. I’m so excited to see how God uses each one of them in future!

This Saturday our team will be flying to Vanuatu (another island nation in the South Pacific) to join an Australian mission team to conduct another Youth EE Clinic. While the team is running the youth clinic, I will be teaching a separate workshop - Hope for Kids. I am excited to experience another culture in this area of the world and equip more people in witnessing!

Prayer Needs:

Clinic in Vanuatu – team responsibilities

Individual interns – discovering God’s calling on their lives

My leadership role and duties

Upcoming youth ministry events I will be running

Serving wholeheartedly,

Sarah Abadines

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mmmmmm.....the Fiji air!

My journey to Fiji was full of such blessings!

Wednesday night I had a wonderful dinner with the family and my cousin KD which consisted of one of my favorite south FL meals - bbq from Jenkin's....YUM! What a great send-off meal hehe Then KD, my sister, and myself stayed up til 3am just snacking, bonding, and of course having a prayer date. I laughed....I cried.....I reminisced.....It was outta control! As it should've been :)

I woke up at 7am....showered and loaded the car with all my luggage. My family hit up Einstein's then I freaked out because I had forgotten a pillow. So before going to the airport we went to Ross to by myself a new pillow and pillowcase....a pillow was a MUST! The goodbye was quick enough that I didn't shed tears.....I had to say goodbye to my dad twice before he went to look after the car. I just had to. Then my mom, sister, and KD waited til I went through security.

I sat at my gate mass texting family and friends.....receiving responses of such encouragement and praise. When I got to Houston I first checked the monitors to see when Krista (college best friend) got in and at what gate. I literally ran to her gate.....her flight had been delayed so I made sure to go to the service desk and get her set up for her next connecting flight. She came outta that gate and we were ecstatic! JESUS did it! What an amazing and much needed blessing! Krista & I randomly and miraculously had a layover in Houston at the same time! She was flying from Wisconsin to Tampa and I was on my way to Fiji. We soaked up that next hour hanging out. We ate Wendy's and just talked everything out before having to say goodbye. GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!

I got to LA and met up with 2 of the interns - Megan and Karen. Super sweet girls. We totally clicked. After eating some McDonald's we waited forever at our gate....we were all delirious at this point haha Once we got on the flight we were able to crash and look forward to setting our feet on Fiji soil!

We got to Fiji around 5:30am....I had been traveling for over 24 hours. Whew! We went to the centre where I got a much needed shower. After visiting town for a bit I was able to lock myself in my room for several hours to unpack. My room now has a "homey feeling" which I love. Everything is organized and in its place. AMEN!

I'm pumped for these next 6 weeks to bond and grow with the interns. I look forward to see how God will use me during this course!

In Chapter 3 of "Let the Nations be Glad" by John Piper - he says -
We deny ourselves the fleeting pleasures of sin and luxury and self-absorption in order to seek the kingdom above all things."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Missions through Prayer

Chapter 2 Highlights

  • Prayer gives us the significance of frontline forces working on our behalf and gives God the glory as our limitless Provider
  • Prayer secures the supremacy of God in missions while connecting us with His endless grace for our every need
  • "Life is war because the maintenance of our faith and the laying hold on eternal life is a constant fight"
  • Most times we turn prayer into a domestic intercom where we ask God to increase our comforts in life
  • When we turn prayer into that intercom for our conveniences, our faith begins to falter and prayer stops working
  • The doctrine of election does NOT make missions unnecessary; it makes missions hopeful
  • God does not place His Gospel and us, His people, in this world and leave us to fend for ourselves and wage this spiritual war on our own
  • The purpose of prayer is that the Father be glorified and our joy may be full
  • Prayer is the open admission that without Jesus Christ we can do nothing
  • "Prayer humbles us as needy and exalts God as all-sufficient"
  • "When missions moves forward by prayer, it magnifies the power of God. When it moves by human management, it magnifies man."
  • Give yourself to prayer if you know for sure you are asking for things which are for His Glory
  • The Gospel will push forth and triumph through prevailing prayer so that in all things God will be glorified through Jesus Christ

May I pray with a heart and mind to glorify You
May I NOT use prayer as requests for increasing my comforts
May I lift up the Great Commission and all those on the mission field
May I continue to lean on You for my heart's desires and needs
May I rest in Your promises
May You use me to advance your Kingdom
May You mold me to keep up that genuine faith and passion for Your people

Ephesians 6:19-20
"Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Missions through Worship

Currently reading "Let the Nations be Glad!" by John Piper

Highlights from Chapter 1
  • Missions begins and ends with worship
  • Reality is God equals overwhelming greatness
  • It's possible to be distracted from God when trying to serve God
  • Love for God's glory and mercy for the nations must be kept together
  • We need to renounce self-reliance and wait for Him
  • Delight in God so as to reflect His glory
  • When a missionary leaves family, friends, and possessions behind it should be for the sake of the name of Jesus; for the sake of His reputation
  • Missions exists because God's name is not being hallowed
  • We should long for Jesus to receive the honor due His name
  • The glory of God needs to saturate every aspect of our lives
God -
May I have a heart for Your name to be glorified
May I show Your grace and mercy to the nations
May I serve in order to point others to Your greatness
May I hallow Your name
May I not be wrapped up in trivial matters, but instead pour myself into worshipping You

Acts 17:25-28
"And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself GIVES all men life and breath and everything else. From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would SEEK him and perhaps REACH OUT for him and FIND him, though he is not far from each eon of us. 'For in him we LIVE and MOVE and HAVE our being'. As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring'."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No place like HOME

I love me some US of A :)

I've now been home for almost a month. It was definitely culture shock at first getting used to air-conditioning everywhere, hot water showers, and crazy Florida drivers. Since living in the laid back Fijian lifestyle it has definitely been hard to jump back into the "Go, go go!" lifestyle here in the States. I kept thinking, "Where am I right now??" haha

I have been so incredibly blessed by the time I've spent with family and friends catching up. Fellowship and quality time with loved ones is something I definitely missed. And of course going to my favorite South Florida eateries such as Cheesecake Factory, Cracker Barrel, Wings n' Things, Vito's, & Laspadas has brought me happiness :)

I praise God for being able to see and talk to most of you who have blessed me with prayers and financial support! I have truly enjoyed being able to share with you all through the internet, phone, or face-to-face about what God has been doing in, around, and through me being an EE missionary in Fiji. And thank you so much for your encouragement. It affirms why I do what I do. All of you should have received from me an update letter, business/prayer card, and support information in the mail. If you did not, please let me know at your earliest convenience to make sure that gets to you.

CHECK OUT if you have not already seen it. The slideshow is pictures of my ministry with Fijian Gospel music in the background, and there is also an article I wrote. Please Enjoy!

Since being home God has given me many different opportunities to share about Fiji missions in the community. I have spoken in a few church services and in elementary, middle, and high school classes at Calvary Christian Academy and Westminster Academy. I was also be part of Missions Night at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church where I had a Fiji booth. I love being able to give people insight into missions in the South Pacific and challenge them in their faith. I have also been busy putting time and energy into my support raising to return to Fiji for another year. God has truly been pouring His blessings and faithfulness upon my efforts.

My annual budget goal is $18,000 which breaks down to $1,500 per month. As of right now, I am halfway to that goal!!! Amen! I am so moved and encouraged by those of you who are recommitting. I believe God has such great and mighty things planned for this next year!

As a result, I am now praying for individuals, families, or churches to partner with this ministry to help me reach that other half. That other half breaks down to 30 people committing to support $25 per month OR 15 people to support $50 per month. I hope that you will be praying for me as I prepare to go back to Fiji and to pray about how you can continue to see lives transformed in Fiji through supporting financially.

Support can be given online at
Click on "Ways to Support"
Then "Online Giving"
Type "Sarah Abadines 6124" in the box and follow instructions

"For I am not seeking my good but the good of many, so that they may be saved."
-----I Corinthians 10:33

If you all have any prayer requests or questions about this ministry, please feel free to contact me by email

Kalougata! (God bless in Fijian)
Sarah Abadines

Thursday, April 1, 2010

God's Perfect Timing

After 9 I am on US soil! Not yet in Ft. Lauderdale however. I'm in the LAX airport sitting aimlessly for too long of a layover. About 3 more hours til my connecting flight to Florida. Basically I'm traveling for 2 days straight coming from Fiji. I slept most of the flight from Nadi to LA, thank goodness because I sat next to a newlywed couple....and you know how that is. I was like oh goodness, why am I stuck in this seat when these two over here are googoogaga over each other?! haha Plus I totally thought I was arriving home Thursday morning at 6am which was a mistake because I land Friday morning. OOPS! My poor parents woke up early Thursday morning expect me to arrive and were wondering why their daughter didn't get off that plane! Ay yi bad lol

It is such perfect timing that I am going home to Florida . I knew I would need a break for a time of rest and rejuvenation, but God knew better than I did that I would greatly need the time back home for different reasons. I need that sense of community, fellowship, and nourishment from family and friends and church. It will be an adjustment being back in an affluent western culture. I have been immersed in the Fijian culture for the past 9 months. The Fijian language will probably come out of my mouth here and there that's for sure.

I'm looking forward to so many things!
*Quality time with my parents and seestar
*Catching up with all my precious family & friends
*Girls weekend with my UCF gals - Crazy 8's
*Dining at all my fave FL eateries :)
*Sharing my experiences with supporters
*Support raising to return to Fiji for another year of missions

I know my time at home will be busy and filled with all kinds of things to do. Settling back into the US way of life, meeting up with people, and preparing myself financially, physically, and spiritually to return to Fiji. I know God is molding me for this next phase of ministry and I'm so pumped for it! My mind is always running with what needs to be planned and organized next. I will definitely cherish each moment while I am home in the US. And of course I will be missing things about Fiji and special people there who have become important in my life.

I am in such awe of how God sustains me through all things. There's an old song performed by the Crabb family that really touches my heart. The lyrics are powerful and uplifting.

"Through the Fire"
So many times I've questioned certain circumstances Or things I could not understand Many times in trials, weakness blurs my vision And my frustration gets so out of hand Its then I am reminded I've never been forsaken I've never had to stand the test alone As I look at all the victories The spirit rises up in me And its through the fire my weakness is made strong  
Chorus: He never promised that the cross would not get heavy And the hill would not be hard to climb He never offered our victories without fighting But He said help would always come in time Just remember when your standing in the valley of decision And the adversary says give in Just hold on, our Lord will show up And He will take you through the fire again  
Bridge: I know within myself that I would surely perish But if I trust the  hand of God, He'll shield the flames again, again
Psalm 40:8 says, "I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart."
Be blessed ~ Sarah Abadines

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mountains....they shall be removed

So it's been awhile since I've blogged....

It's already 2010...and it's already the 3rd month. Whoa. I still remember when I first got to Fiji not knowing what my ministry would look like. The journey has been full of amazing experiences and its moments of conflict. Being a missionary truly means leaving everything behind and diving full-force into God's work without any hesitation. When you're willing and available that's when God can use you. We cannot afford to hold back.....the love of Christ compels us.

Cross-cultural missions is always an adventure. It's a lifestyle of learning and growth. Just when you think you've got it, something comes up and brings you back to reality that you are just breaking the surface. There is such a need to always be aware and sensitive in every aspect of ministry. There are moments when I know I belong and am becoming a local.....and there are those moments when I feel utterly alone and helpless. I praise God that He continues to sustain me through the ups and downs. Within each hardship God has been present. I am more than a conqueror! Every mountain that comes my way God gives me the strength to remove it. When I am discouraged or hurt, I stand against the evil one who wants me to give up and run or hide. Battles come and we stand firm and face them knowing we have victory. I am so blessed to have incredible friends and family back home who, despite being miles upon miles away, are fully present and available as my support system. Without it I would be completely lost. And God has placed special people here in Fiji that push me to press on and embrace me with arms open wide. There always people to receive me and build me up. As a missionary you go with the flow. You rise to the call. You go above and beyond. You never know what is gonna come next, but you trust that God is already there going before you and working mightily.

I'm constantly on the move and I love that. I get antsy being in one place....and I never want to waste a minute. My mind never stops thinking about what needs to come next in ministry. There are so many youth and children to reach out to, to challenge and inspire, to be encouraged in their faith, and to know that there is an awesome God waiting to create an intimate relationship with them!!! Since the local fijian youth course in December, I have seen the participants continue to grow in their gifts and talents as well as mentor others to witness as a way of life. I have 3 more weeks in Fiji before I go home to FL for 2 months for a time of rest and renewal as well as support raising. Right now I'm traveling around doing follow-up on youth as well as visiting churches and youth groups.

Praise Jesus for His neverending grace.....unfailing love.....compassion & mercy. Without it I would be drowning.

Always expect BIG THINGS FROM GOD!!!!