Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Spirit in the Mostest Way

Our family Christmas tree of gold and white ornaments (Precious Moments theme) hehe I got to actually help decorate this time! Last year I missed out.

Painting Christmas ornaments with Jen and Rach! Loving the Christmas activities :)

The front of our gingerbread house! I'm so proud of this yummy creation hehe

Both the gingerbread houses that us girls conquered! I love us!

My Christmas footie socks! How cute right?!?! Thanks to my sister I can show these off :)

Me manning my Fiji table during the carwash. I love my poster!

Family ready with their posters to gain some cars!

My support system out on the street doin' their thing for the Car Wash! So successful!

Daddy and his girls in Magic Kingdom - so festive in the parks!

Me & the seestar, Sheilah in front of Hollywood Studios so excited for our family day at Disney

It's a dream come true! hehehe So ready to eat my Mickey's ears premium ice cream bar :) Delish!

The whole family ready to attack Magic Kingdom - bonding time!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

“Living He loved me, Dying He saved me, Buried He carried my sins far away, Rising He justified freely forever....Ooh what a Glorious Day!"
- Glorious Day by Casting Crowns.
I have been hearing this song a lot lately, and I love it. It has been a truly refreshing time for me this month preparing to celebrate the day my Savior was born into this world to rescue and redeem me! Jesus continues to strengthen my faith and hope in Him within the daily aspects of life. I hope this Christmas season has been special for you and your family!

This month I have had lots of fun being filled with the Christmas spirit by doing festive activities with family and friends such as painting Christmas ornaments and picture frames, decorating my house, making gingerbread houses, watching Christmas movies, wrapping presents, and more! I have also enjoyed how God has been using me here during my time of rest at home to counsel and lift up family and friends who have been seeking prayer, insight, and help in the midst of the ups and downs of life. I embrace any opportunity to show the love of Christ and all He offers to someone in need.

Special Events this Month:

1. Car Wash Fundraiser – I was so blessed to have family and friends help me pull this off. It was a successful event where I was able to share to the local community about the great outreach that is happening in the South Pacific.
2. Speaking at Atlantic Baptist Church – This church has been a constant source of prayer and financial support. It was such a joy to share a testimony of ministry in 2011. One lady came up to me after and said, “You share with such a passionate spirit and it takes a special, one of a kind person to do what you do. I am always moved to tears when you speak.”
3. Dinner with the boss – Rod Story, EE VP for Global Projects, came to town for a very short visit and was able to come and have dinner with my family one evening. It meant to so much to me for him to take the time to do that and meet my family and fellowship with us. I was so honored when he told my parents, “Sarah is one of the most respected people on staff with us.” I believe he was able to provide my parents with more peace about what I do and how I am doing so well in Fiji.
4. Catching up with Supporters – I was able to go to Orlando and visit a girlfriend and her husband. I was the maid of honor in her wedding. We have stayed close. It was so great sharing with them as they were so interested in the different aspects of Fiji and ministry. We even google earthed my house in Fiji! Hehe
5. Disney trip – Spending quality time with my whole family at Disney World was really special and fun. We even got my Dad to go on the Tower of Terror! I also got to eat my favorite Mickey’s ears ice cream bar ☺ And Disney at Christmas time is beautiful as most of you know so I just soaked up the atmosphere.
6. Kids Corner – Outreach outing with my family and friends to a local children’s home for kids who are seriously ill and whose parents are unable to care for them. It broke my heart to see these little ones and older kids in the medical state they were in. We went and handed out lots of Christmas presents to them, which brought smiles to their precious faces!

I would like to share a few things from my personal devotion time that the Lord has encouraged and challenged me with this month. I have been reading through Ezra and Nehemiah this month. In Ezra 1, God moved in King Cyrus of Persia to help the exiles return and appointed him to rebuild the temple of the Lord. It was a new beginning for Israel. My devotional said, “It’s just like God to send us hope through the little details of everyday life. Look for Him to stir your soul with His creative refreshment and anticipate a new season with Him ahead for you.” In Nehemiah 1, Nehemiah is broken and filled with compassion for the Israelites and their troubles as they have returned from exile. He prays and intercedes on their behalf to the Lord for restoration and favor. I was encouraged by what my devotional said here, “Prayer seeks. Prayer desires. Prayer expects.”

2011 is ending and soon 2012 will be upon us. My prayer is that we be filled with excitement and anticipation of a new season with the Lord. And may we be ready to be even more stretched and sanctified according to the calling He has given us. I also hope that we would pray with a heart that is longing for Him to teach us His ways in more intimately in our daily lives.

As this year wraps up, I am also very focused on support raising. I will be heading back to Fiji on January 24th and I am praying to reach my budget goal. And I am starting to buy and gather things I will need to take back with me to Fiji such as proper clothing, toiletries, ministry supplies, etc. I am currently at 80% towards my support - Amen for that!!! For those of you who are part of that 80% - Thank you SO MUCH. I know God will abundantly bless you for your giving heart and willingness to reach out in a real way.

If you want to make a real difference this Holiday Season, make a one-time gift or monthly donation to this ministry. See the information below!

Please also see pictures attached! And for MORE!

Ways to Support:
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Be Blessed,
Sarah Abadines

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November - Thankful Always

Hanging out in Times Square soaking up the awesome atmosphere! Gotta love NYC!

Shopping on 34th ST, the background you see Macy's already with a Christmas tree up :)

can't wait to see Mary Poppins on Broadway! Supercalifragilisticexepialidocious!

Waiting for the subway with my sis and cousin - so excited for a day in the city!

At the 9/11 memorial - "Reflecting Absence"

Delicious Fijian-Indian chicken curry with rice, cucumber and tomato salad, and tamarind chutney - I cooked dinner for my family!

Precious newborn baby boy of Taylor & Brian Haring! God is so good!

Baby Liam all cozy and bundled up :)

My beautiful dinner plate of heavenly Thanksgiving goodness :)

Sisters looking cute and ready to chow down!

Daddy carving the turkey amidst the smorgasbord!! Yay!

Thanksgiving yummyness - pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pecan pie, mandarin orange geltin

This month at home was full of really special moments. I love the weather getting cooler. I have enjoyed sipping on fall drinks like pumpkin spice latte, peppermint mocha, and hot apple cider. I have truly cherished quality time with my family. And I have been blessed by the ways the Lord has drawn me closer to Him through the testing and stretching of my faith.

Wonderful Events this Month:
1. Sheilah and I had a super fun sister weekend in New York City sightseeing, shopping, and visiting family. It was so fun to see the leaves change color for fall, watch a broadway musical, and see the newly opened 9/11 Memorial. I’m so blessed by a sister that wanted to spoil me and spend time with me!
2. Welcoming William Matthew Haring into the world! I was able to be here when my best friend gave birth to her first baby, Little “Liam”! When I first left for the mission field, we were so worried I wouldn’t be able to come home for the birth of her first child. But God works in unique ways! I was so happy to meet this baby boy on the very day he was born!
3. Speaking at a local Filipino church to share about this ministry and the amazing things God has done in the Pacific this year. I received such a great response to my testimony and many are ready to renew and increase their support!
4. Sharing the Gospel of grace to a close family friend who is going through hard times. She was in complete awe of someone who could pay for her sins past, present, and future. And I was able to help encourage and reassure her of a Savior – Jesus Christ – who wants to rescue her.
5. Thanksgiving was above and beyond all my expectations! My family knew how special this day was for me as I have missed this great American holiday the past 2 years. I stuffed my face with so much goodness and made a pumpkin cheesecake that was a total success! I took advantage of leftovers for the next several days haha

Upcoming Events:
1. Car Wash this Saturday at Bethany Christian School 9am-3pm to raise funds. Please pray for good weather and lots of cars to wash!
2. Speaking at another local church to promote this ministry and raise additional funds. Please pray that God would lead me as I speak.

God has been continuing to teach me of His power and might. My daily quiet time and prayer life has been renewed to another level. I praise God for meeting me where I am. He is always ready to deliver me and raise me up.

I would like to share a few things from my personal devotional that has encouraged me this month – “Faith in God is our greatest weapon and guaranteed victory. The battles and pains we face and overcome through God’s healing and restoration speak of victory, renewal, and endurance through Jesus, our Savior.”
I have also been reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan and would like to share a few things that have encouraged me. The book discusses that taking up our cross daily is a call for total surrender, radical faith, and forsaking everything for the sake of the Gospel and shares that “we are most alive when we love and give of ourselves because of the grace and love God has given us and that is when the Spirit of God moves and acts in and through us for His glory. It also challenged me that the Holy Spirit is always beckoning, but am I always ready to listen and follow?

I continue to hunger and thirst for more of the Lord. I am so blessed by His love for me. My prayer is that through this ministry you also will be blessed and have the desire to know more of Him in such great and intimate ways. I praise Him for the overflowing peace He gives me while I’m home as I seek financial support, seek rest in body, mind, and spirit, & have real heart to heart quality time with those I love and have greatly missed.

II Chronicles 20:15,17 says, “For the battle is not yours, but God’s….Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you.”

I also want to lift up the name of Jesus right now as I have move forward regarding fundraising – I am now 70% towards my support budget goal! Yay! Please pray for me as I tackle the last 30%. If you would like to help the name of Jesus go out in to the nations, please pray about and consider supporting this ministry in a real way! Becoming a monthly supporter would be the most helpful! And/or if you know anyone who would want to partner financially please pass on this email with the information below.

Ways to Support:
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Mail to: Evangelism Explosion International
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Be Blessed,
Sarah Abadines

Monday, October 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hanging out with one of my best friend's Taylor during her baby shower! Can't wait to meet baby Liam!

Happy Fiji Day - cooked a Fijian dish for my family - fish and miti

It's October! Pumpkin carving with family :)

Our beautifully carved pumpkins in the dark all lit up!

Something I really miss while on the mission field - subs and sandwiches! Here you can see LaSpada's!

Speaking at Calvary Christian Academy to the 3rd graders about Fiji and missions. They were so cute!

4 high school best friends reunited! love it!

All dressed up as a bridesmaid for Jackie's wedding!

My family with Jackie & Dan at their wedding reception, so happy for them!

Me and my lovely sister, Sheilah, eating at Cracker Barrel! yummy breakfast!

Girlfriend's hanging out for a 21st bday celebration :) Yay Rach!

My Fiji Missions Open House

Thanking God for a great support system at home and great friends - Me and Sheilah with Brad & Elizabeth Haring :)

October Supporter Update

So a few weeks ago I greeted you all from SUNNY South Florida, now I’m greeting you from a very RAINY South Florida! Haha

This Wednesday marks one month in the US! It has gone by so fast! Being home has been a rollercoaster ride of re-learning how to drive on 5-lane highways, understanding central air-conditioning all over again, adjusting to big crowds in shopping malls and grocery stores, updating myself on technology and music, and balancing busyness with rest. I thought that each time coming back to the US would get easier but instead the culture shock is on a greater level and it takes me a little bit longer to get my feet fully wet and adjusted here. I praise God for finally getting into a normal sleep routine and being able to sleep completely through the night!

For the first few weeks of being carless, I had great family and friends to offer me rides to take me to appointments and help me with all my errands. My sister has also treated me out in different ways since she is now a working woman, the tables have turned and I am happy to take of advantage it hehe She recently bought a car so that I could have my old car back! That is a huge answered prayer as I really need a car while I am home.

My Missions Open House the other weekend was a great success! It was great to see family, friends, and supporters to show pictures and share testimonies of being on the mission field. I’m so blessed to have an amazing support system! Thank you to those of you who took the time to come by! I was blessed to receive some checks and cash to add into my support account from that event.

Since being home there’s been some fun and special things I’ve been able to be part of:
1. My best friend’s baby shower. She’s due to give birth any minute now! I love how God works in the details of our lives. My best friend and I were worried that I wouldn’t be in the States when her first child was born. And it’s a real blessing that God allowed me to be here for her during this exciting time!
2. One of my high school best friend’s wedding where I was a bridesmaid. It was such a joy to be home for her big day and take part of all the festivities! It was fun getting all dressed up! I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to home for this special occasion, so I am so grateful that God knows the desires of my heart :)
3. Visiting Calvary Christian Academy where I used to teach. I was able to speak to the 3rd graders about Fiji and encouraging them that God can use them to share about Jesus! Plus I was able to catch up with old co-workers, mentors, and students!
4. Helping in the outreach department at church, being involved and connected while at home is so important to me
5. Reunion with all my college girlfriends – we call ourselves the Crazy 8’s! We had a wonderful weekend together at a Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort catching up and reminiscing our college days. 2 girls flew in from Wisconsin and Colorado and the others drove from north and central Florida. This was our 3rd reunion since we all graduated from UCF in 2008.

Support raising is moving along slowly but surely. Thank you to those of you who will continue to support monthly! And thank you to those of you who have sent donations. I am continuing to seek funds, especially monthly supporters and support from churches. I recently filled in a mission application to a church, so please be praying for that as I hope they are able to add me to their missionary list. I have ATTACHED an electronic copy of my 2011 Monthly Updates and my Brochure which most of you have. Please feel free to pass on the information to someone who may be interested to partner financially with this ministry!

God is growing my ability to trust in Him and surrender all things to Him. I am constantly in awe of how God works in small and big ways to meet our needs! So many times while I have been home, God has shown up to remind me who He is and how much He cares. I have also been reading “Jesus the Only Way to God – Must You Hear the Gospel to be Saved?” by John Piper which has been an encouraging reminder of how important missions is and why we need to GO out and OPEN our mouths so people hear the name of JESUS. He says, “The name of Jesus is the focus of faith and repentance. In order to believe on Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, you must believe on his name. Calling on his name is our entrance into fellowship with God.”

My prayer is that while I am home God continues to raise me up to be better at and more passionate about sharing about Jesus! If you would like to help the name of Jesus go out in to the nations, please pray about and consider supporting this ministry! Becoming a monthly supporter would be the most helpful! And/or if you know anyone who would want to partner financially please pass on this email with the information below.

Currently I am 60% towards my monthly support goal of $1,500 per month. I praise God for that! Now I am working towards the other 40%.

Ways to Support:
Online -
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Mail to: Evangelism Explosion International
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Be Blessed,
Sarah Abadines

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Investing in others 24/7

hanging out with Maba & friends at home - getting some down time from busyness in ministry

teaching the local Fiji youth about leadership & discipleship

the guys performing a Fiji meke for the Jasper boarding students during our outreach program

community service project painting a local church

praise & worship team evening practice

practice time during the EE clinic

group photo before our youth rally

the girls doing a dance item during the youth rally

young people having tea during fellowship after the rally

team building activities - beach outing

intense volleyball!

me & Maba in kalavata (matching) Fiji wear - Closing Ceremony

leaders and servers during the Graduation Night - Matia, La, myself, & Maba

Interns enjoying their last night together celebrating the 2 weeks course

the whole group being prayed over by the EE Fiji board members

Maba helping me pack and wearing my old high school hoodie sweater :) hehe

Me frustrated with packing haha....ohh the joys of packing

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” – Charles Wesley

My time and efforts this past month have been used to pour out my heart and passions in order to disciple young people around me in different ways. My prayer is to always impart something spiritually uplifting to the young people of this nation. I praise God for continuous. And I am so blessed to have people doing ministry with me side by side such as my roommate and sister Lavenia (Fijian EE staff)) and my boyfriend Maba, as well as other local EE staff.
The 3rd annual Fiji Local Interns Youth Course was held at the EE Centre from September 7-20. Twenty young people attended representing fourteen different churches and eight different regions of Fiji. Lavenia and I were so encouraged by the fact that this is the 3rd year we have conducted this discipleship training in Fiji! The two weeks program involved day and evening sessions touching different aspects of Christian living and various activities to promote fellowship and service. Most of the interns come from broken homes, lack of education, and low self-esteem. Our role as leaders was to uplift them and restore them to where God wants them to be as qualified instruments for His Kingdom. It was such a blessing to see each individual gain confidence in themselves and fully understand their identity in Christ. I could see sparks in them turn into consuming fires as they absorbed each teaching session and moments of fellowship together.
Running these courses is a really big job. Here’s an idea of all the preparation and organization of the course that I’m in charge of – ordering & printing materials and certificates, teaching & leading, conducting an EE clinic, daily grocery shopping runs for 35 people (interns, leaders, and catering staff) since I am the only one able/approved to drive, confirming bus transports & outreach activities for the group, handling the budget and funds, and making sure everyone is happy. WHEW. At the end of each day I am exhausted. I praise God for supernatural strength and energy. Also, Lavenia is there to help me lead and teach the young people. And this year Maba was there to help do big food shopping runs and errands and spend time bonding with the youth. Their presence and support are great blessings!
Let me describe several of the highlights from the two weeks course. One Friday night our group hosted an outreach fellowship for the students of a girl’s boarding school in a nearby town. The program included the interns sharing testimonies, icebreakers & games, and dance performances. Then at the end the interns each took a group of the students to sit and talk where they had an opportunity to share the Gospel. That evening 130 girls prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior! How amazing?! Our group was so encouraged that night. The following day we did a community service project by painting a church and the senior pastor’s home. We believe in meeting physical needs as well as spiritual ones. The pastor’s family and the church were so touched by our act of service that they prepared a huge feast for us. It was a wonderful day of serving and fellowship. The next week on Saturday we hosted a Youth Rally where 8 different church youth groups were present. It was a fun night of performances, testimonies, activities, and a special tea prepared afterwards. The climax of the two weeks was our Closing Ceremony. The EE Fiji National Director and Board Members were there to show their support as we handed out certificates and awards to the interns and celebrated all the growth and fellowship that occurred during the course. Our theme for the evening was “God’s heart chasers” as our prayer is to chase after God’s heart and burden for the lost.
I believe that each intern left the course with a renewed spirit and readiness to live out God’s calling on their lives. They soaked in so much from the two weeks, and they are excited to impart all they learned as they return to their homes and local churches.

Some of the comments from the interns:
Maika Sivo (young guy) – “This two weeks course has opened my mind and heart to know God’s calling in my life. The leaders and teachers pushed me to another level of my faith.”

Rusila Galo (19 year old girl) – “I have learned how to strengthen my relationship with God in so many different ways. I have been encouraged and challenged to not give up in ministry because God is faithful to complete what He has started. I can’t wait to go back and share to those in my youth group!”

Soroivalu Manoa (young guy) – “I have grown as a youth leader during the course. It aroused my spiritual appetite. The teaching was excellent, clear, and understandable. I enjoyed every moment of the two weeks.”

I hope this update has encouraged and blessed you. Thank you for your support in prayer and finance. You have planted seeds of growth and faith into these young people. There is nothing sweeter than being used to grow people in the body of Christ. Your love for the Lord is being poured out through your prayers and financial support across miles and oceans to build up people here in Fiji, the South Pacific, and beyond. Please be praying for these young people as they continue in faith and ministry.

Since the course ended earlier this week I have traveled back to my flat to do some cleaning up, repacking, and shopping in order to prepare to go home. I fly out October 4th and arrive in Florida the morning of October 5th!!! I can’t wait to be home. So much to look forward to! I will be home in the States for about 3 months to rest, catch up with everyone, and do another round of support raising. I know our God is faithful, and I am praying for renewed and added supporters who will continue to partner with me in this ministry. Lavenia and I have so many goals and visions for ministry next year that we are lifting up in prayer. We are really excited for what God will do. I am so blessed to be part of what God is already doing here in Fiji and the South Pacific.

Ways to Support:
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Be Blessed,

“There's a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. When you truly know God, you have limitless energy to serve him, great boldness to share him, and complete satisfaction in him.” – J.I. Packer