Friday, March 30, 2012

Fiji Life Continues

Me (Nana Levu - literally means "BIG MOM" and here in Fiji they call the older Aunt this hehe so that's me!) with Sally and baby Jen at her 1st bday party :)

Being La and Metui's witness for their marriage license

The Bridge and Groom - La and Metui with me, Maid of Honor, and Valati as Best Man! Yay!

Great view at Manly Beach!

Me & Becky doing some sightseeing in Sydney :)

All the Pacific delegates performing items for the church community

Me all dressed up in Fiji wear for the Pacific Night at Bulli Anglican Church

My Prayer group during the Conference: Auntie Pam from PNG and Tala Marika from Fiji

Delegates giving their National Ministry Reports

Everyone having a session for "Glasses for Missions"

Me leading a session during the conference about Hope for Kids ministry

EE Oceania Conference Group Photo

Winds and Rain caused all this

Shops and homes and cars underwater

Severe flooding

Nadi town flooding

March 2012
Supporter Update

Ephesians 4: 4, 16
“There is one body and one Spirit – just as you were called to one hope when you were called….From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

This month has been filled with wonderful and special occasions as well as events that remind me of God’s big and diverse family of believers.

1. Last month I mentioned in my list of prayer needs that one of my best friends, Sally, was coming to visit with her baby daughter for her 1 year birthday. It was so great to see her! She works in Vanuatu for an Australian company, and the last time we saw each other was July 2011. She was in Fiji when I first moved here, and she was a much-needed source of company and encouragement. Since then we have built such a strong bond of friendship and sisterhood. It was wonderful to catch up, share together, and lean on each other for support in the busyness of life. And she will be one of my bridesmaids!

2. My old roommate Lavenia, a local EE Fiji Staff member, tied the knot on March 8th! And I was so honored when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. La told me that some of her other girlfriends had asked her if they could be maid of honor but La had told them no, that position is for Sarah. I told her how special I felt as I know she has other friends she has known much longer. But she said, “Sarah you’re the one person I can be transparent and open with. You truly understand me and we are family.” Her and I are extremely close and I’m so blessed to have her in my life. I was able to throw her a little Bridal Shower/Bachelorette party where girlfriends from church came. I set aside time during the gathering for each person to share something to encourage and bless La and then we prayed over her. I was so happy to be there for her as she entered a new chapter of her life with a great guy from church who is like a brother to me. It’s sad not being roommates anymore, I miss her lots since I moved 4 hours away back towards the EE Centre. But it’s exciting to see all that God is doing! La will also be one of my bridesmaids!

3. From March 16-25 I was in Australia for the EE Oceania Conference. There were 12 delegates from 7 different nations in the Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Tonga. We all stayed in host homes from the hosting church, Bulli Anglican. Bulli is about one hour and half south of Sydney. I had a wonderful host family who were so warm and accommodating. And when I left they blessed me with a lovely monetary gift to help me buy a few things for my new place! The conference was conducted by the VP of EE Oceania, and there were guest speakers from EE International in the US. It was such an amazing time of fellowship with people who are my missions family and a great time of learning how to strengthen EE in the Pacific! I just love how God brings His people together who come from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and languages. I was so blessed to hear about how God is moving in each nation through the ministry of EE. I also was given the task of teaching one session during the conference where I was able to give a presentation about the Hope for Kids Ministry regarding the roles and responsibilities of EE Kids workers and ministry procedures and goals. At the end of the week, the EE National Coordinator from New Zealand came up to me and said, “You know what Sarah? From the whole conference your session was one of the best! You speak and teach in a way that is clear, easy to understand, and easy to follow.” I was so encouraged by that! Also during my trip there I was able to catch up with some young women who came to Fiji for past EE Internships and youth that I spent time with in Vanuatu for EE short-term mission trips the past 2 years. It was wonderful to see how God is using them now and to hear their testimonies of how the ministry of EE and their experiences in the Pacific impact how they live and reach out within their local communities.

4. A HUGE PRAISE! – I finally found a place! It’s in a town called Lautoka, which is about 45 minutes from Nadi and a little over an hour from the EE Centre. It’s a really nice and spacious 2-bedroom flat in a safe area that is a 10 min. drive from town and a short walk to the main road where I could hop on bus or taxi to get around. Since being back from Australia I have been so busy cleaning the whole place! I’m so thankful I have Maba, his family, and our friends to help out. Now I’m in the process of buying necessary household things and unpacking. It’s still very empty but I know God will provide what I need. Til the wedding Maba’s cousin Sevu, a young lady (19), will stay with me at the flat from time to time to help set up the place and keep me company.

I can’t believe how fast this year is going! Easter is right around the corner! Which means there is only 8 weeks left til the wedding day! Thank you all for your continuous support through prayer and giving. As you bless me I am able to bless others through this ministry and together we are serving the Lord and helping people to know God in a personal, intimate way.

Prayer Needs:
*Expenses for household necessities
*Unpacking and setting up my new place
*Supervising the EE Fiji Kids workers to do their promotion and follow-up tasks within local churches
*Fiji Cyclone Weather – severe storms and flooding
*Wedding planning and expenses
*Maba and I continuing to prepare ourselves inside and out for June 1st
*Finding a home church in Lautoka or Nadi

If you feel led to additionally give, renew your giving, or know someone who would like to help this ministry please forward them my report and see the info below.

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Blessed to be part of God’s diverse family,
Sarah Abadines

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let it Overflow!

Some of the trainees practicing using the Hope for Kids materials

Group photo of all the trainees and their workshop certificates :)

Me and my girlfriend Ranjini during the Workshop

Having an afternoon fellowship with local kids to share the Gospel

Praising God for His goodness! And enjoying the beauty of Fiji hehe

Me & Maba visiting the beach where we're getting married to celebrate our 2 1/2 year anniversary :)

3 months left til our big day!

BULA FIJI - Natadola Beach - Wedding Date!

February 2012
Supporter Update

”Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.” – Psalm 62:1

This month has truly overflowed with God’s goodness and blessings, and it has also been an overwhelming reminder of His Sovereignty and unique plans for His children. As my support system and ministry team, I wanted to officially bring you some wonderful news!


I have been meaning to share this for a little while now but was waiting for the right moment when things quieted down to announce this to all of you!

Maba asked my parents for their blessing while I was still home in the States and my family and friends threw me a bridal party before I left. It was really special and meant so much to me. And then things became officially official when I returned to Fiji. Since coming back Maba and I have been in full-fledged wedding planning mode. I praise God for His faithfulness and guidance in our relationship that has led us to this point. From the very beginning we have seen God’s hand in every detail. It has been a special journey that will continue on as we seek the Lord together. Maba and I are looking forward to all that is going to happen! This month we also celebrated 2 and a half years together ☺ We will be getting married here in Fiji one of the best beaches here on June 1st, 2012 and we will hold a reception the following day June 2nd at the EE Centre. Please be on the look out in the mail for a little something from us!

Aside from that I’d like to share all that has been going on this month. It’s been such a joy for me to get back into the swing of things here with my duties to look after the Hope for Kids ministry and build up young people.

This month I moved from Nausori back to Nadi where the EE Centre. It was sad for me to leave my roommates, friends, and church family, but it makes things a great deal easier for me as I am closer to the EE Centre instead of being over 4 hours away. Also, I am now only 40 minutes away from Maba so we are able to do all the wedding preparations for June. I am currently staying with Maba’s sister and her family, which has been such a blessing. I am now looking for a new place to stay. I am also looking for a new home church. Lately I have been attending the English service of the EE Fiji board chairman. I know many people there and it has been really nice. I even met some new Filipino families which was pretty cool!

Local Workshop
From February 15-17 I went back to Nausori to my home church to help with a Hope for Kids workshop along with 3 local EE Kids workers. I was so encouraged to see the EE Kid workers that I have trained lead and teach effectively. And it was wonderful to catch up with church families and youth members. One family whom I’m very close to invited me for dinner one night. They consider me part of their family. When I arrived to their house they all said, “Welcome HOME!” hehe It’s such a blessing to have people like them in my life! I had such a good time having fellowship with them and catching up with all 5 of their kids! They kids loved the ring pops I brought them from the US ☺

Staff Workshop
One of my ministry goals this year is to strengthen and expand the Hope for Kids ministry in Fiji. We have 6 Kids workers here that I have trained and they are a great team. I spent several weeks creating a manual, which came to 35 pages in length, for them that clearly describes all their responsibilities as well as all aspects of running workshops for local children’s leaders and how to work with the local churches to use the Hope for Kids materials. Then from February 28-29 I conducted a refresher workshop for all of them at the EE Centre. It was a great time of encouraging and challenging them in their ministry roles. I wanted us all to come together to be united as one team and ministry family. I set up the ministry calender and follow-up assignments for them, and they were all renewed and revived to get out there and make 2012 a great one for this kids ministry. 2 of our staff came from far away on another island having to travel 3-6 hours by boat then again 6 hours by bus to get to the EE Centre. 2 traveled 4 hours by bus and the other 2 were just nearby the EE Centre.

I have also been able to catch up with 2 young girls I have been mentoring the past few years who are also my prayer partners.
1. Ranjini – my Indian friend who is also getting married this year. She is one of our EE Kids workers. I hung out with her several times to encourage her, pray with her, and offer advice/insight. She has also requested assistance from me with her wedding planning as she is very unaware of all that needs to be done for the ceremony and reception. So it has been enjoyable for me to help her in any way I can. Maba and I recently had dinner with her and fiancĂ©e. Maba and I were able to share with them words of wisdom about how to cherish this time together as they plan and prepare, how to seek the Lord together, and how to better understand and support each other. We also prayed for them and answered any questions they had about relationships and planning. Please pray for Ranjini as she continues in ministry and for her and Vashneel as they prepare for their wedding.

2. Rusila – my Fijian friend who’s church is one of our strong EE supporters. She also attend the local interns course that I conducted last year. She’s great girl with a strong, confident personality. She has finished high school and is now working at the Health Department. She is a youth leader and part of the worship team at church. Please pray for her as her job is tiresome and keeps her busy along with ministry duties.

Upcoming Events/Prayer Requests
• 1 of my best friends from Fiji and bridesmaids, Sally, will be flying in this weekend with her baby daughter Jen from Vanuatu to celebrate her first birthday in the village. Please pray for safe travels and for this birthday party. It will be a big event as this is the first time for the little Jen to visit her homeland and village, which is a very big deal in Fijian customs.
• Trip to Suva – I will catch a 4-hour bus next week to attend a wedding for one of my old roommates. I will be her witness for her marriage license. I’m really excited for her! Please pray for La and Metui as they begin a new chapter of their lives and build a family together.
• Trip to Australia – next month from March 16-25 I will be in Australia for the EE Oceania Conference. All the EE leaders of the Pacific nations as well as several EE International leaders will be present. I will be there to do a few presentations and meet with these leaders regarding the Hope for Kids ministry and Youth Interns courses. Please be praying for me as I prepare the next few weeks for my presentations.
• Finding a place to stay that is suitable and affordable as well as choosing a new home church
• Maba and I – wedding planning is coming along well but there is so much that still needs to be done. Please pray for us as we will have many expenses and need to set up a house and prepare for my family/friends coming over at the end of May. We have also set up pre-marital counseling with our EE boss from Australia. So please also pray for us as we prepare ourselves to be husband and wife.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Thank you for being part of everything I do here on the mission field. Through you Sunday school teachers will train their kids to share the Gospel. And through you young people are being lifted up in different ways. I hope you are encouraged and blessed by this month’s report. 2012 has so much in store, I just know it! I can feel it in my bones hehe

If you feel led to additionally give, renew your giving, or know someone who would like to help this ministry please forward them my report and see the info below.

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Overflowing with joy and peace that comes ONLY FROM HIM,
Sarah Abadines