Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've arrived safe and sound, in one piece! Whew. Only through Jesus did I catch all my connecting flights haha LAX is chaos, that's for sure. Pastor Nakiti picked me up and I immediately got settled in. I made my room have a "home" feeling by putting up pictures, posters, decorations, etc. Sai, a young Fijian living at the training centre helped me to unpack. I got to see Panapasa (Pastor Nakiti's son) before he went to school, and Ima (Pastor Nakiti's wife) greeted me with great joy. It's hot but there's a nice breeze. My room is the same room I stayed in last summer which is nice. After taking a nice refreshing shower, I've just been resting. It's soooo nice to have internet connection here at the training centre. There's lots of great additions like the bure (see picture above) for meetings, screen doors, outlets in each room, etc.
Alrighty, time for more resting. Enjoy the pics!

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