Monday, September 27, 2010

Enlarging the territory of ministry

some of the mission team and myself eating lunch at home in the flat

visiting with Pastor Manoa and the family...I'm holding Sera in my lap!

Some of the youth who participated in the service....wearing Kubuna t-shirts representing the Kubuna confederacy of Fiji (represents certain provinces and villages in Fiji)

dancing Fijian meke hehe

La, Ninny, and myself at a Kids workshop

Hope for Kids workshop in Nausori

all night practice for Kubuna youth service....some of the lovely ladies

Hope for Kids workshop in Mumbai, India

During this month, God has continued to enlarge my area of ministry. He has also shown His faithfulness is such an amazing ways.

My trip to Mumbai, India was a wonderful learning experience. The population of Mumbai is about 20 million people, which is about the same population as all of Australia. So being in the city was overwhelming. Mumbai is also the city with the largest amount of slum areas. It was a culture shock to see the people in such great poverty as they hung their clothes on the side of the road, built an extremely small tent under a bridge, or begging anywhere. The streets were filled with trash and awful smells. I saw the caste system come to life. It definitely takes special people to minister there. The workshop was very successful. It was wonderful time of teaching and fellowship.

Hope for Kids workshop details:

§ 41 trainees representing 20 different churches

§ 6 Kids EE Field Workers

§ OJT held at a local school (majority of students coming from the slums)

§ 33 out of 40 students prayed to receive Christ

I thoroughly enjoyed the OJT. The principal of the school said to me, “You truly have a way with children. They usually find it very difficult to interact with others using English. We were so surprised at the way they responded with you as you taught them Gospel action songs, games, and shared the Gospel. We need to pray for our very own ‘Sarah’ here in Mumbai. We wish you could stay longer and help teach.”

During the Kids workshop, my EE boss Rod Story shared some interesting facts that touched my heart and made me understand even more the importance of children’s ministry and evangelism.

Out of the world’s population of about 6 billion, 1.68 billion are children under the age of 14. Of that 1.68 billion children about 6 million live in poverty, disease, substance abuse, or broken homes. And 26,000 children in that age range die everyday. Just imagine what percentage of those 26,000 children knew Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord? Makes you step back and wonder.

Since returning from India, I have been busy with varying things. I taught another Hope for Kids workshop at a church near my flat. I have also been assisting the Fijian EE workers with several clinics as well as participating in the young adult ministry at La’s church.

This past week I had the opportunity to be involved with the young people at La’s church for the youth service on Sunday. I was able to take part in the special performances of Fijian dance and song. On Friday we had an all-night practice. 30 young people gathered for fellowship, fun, and a great time of worship and prayer. I was so happy to be part of the group! During the service I was able to do the welcome and icebreaker as well as perform. The theme was “It’s Now or Never” – a challenge to the youth to make a decision now to fulfill God’s calling on our lives.

Over the weekend I was also able to visit one of the EE workers and his family. I spent time with them last year. Their family has been a huge encouragement to my ministry. Pastor Manoa and his wife just had their 6th children in March. Pastor Manoa’s wife was pregnant the other kids had kept saying, “Mom we know it’s going to be a girl and we have to name her Sarah so we never forget Sarah!” I was so touched they had named their daughter after me! Here in Fiji when someone is named after you or has the same name as you, you call them your namesake or in Fijian,“yaca” (pronounced “ya-tha”).

I praise God for the place I have been residing and the people I have been surrounded by. It has brought me great joy to fellowship with young people who make me feel loved and cherished. God continues to sustain me amidst the busyness of ministry. Also, at my flat we finally got a refrigerator! After searching and searching and not wanting to compromise my budget, the Lord provided one for FREE! What an amazing blessing!

Thank you all your prayers and support! Your heart for giving to missions is touching the lives of many children, young people, and ministry leaders in Fiji and beyond. The ministry I’m part of here is continuing to expand in so many wonderful ways! Be blessed. ~ Sarah Abadines

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