Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sa vinaka na Kalou! (God is so good!)

Ministry all day everyday.....I love it!

I have just recently returned to Nadi after being gone for over two weeks on another island called Vanua Levu. I traveled there by boat and returned by plane. Traveling around Fiji these past few months has been such a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Wherever I am a home is there with a precious family to take me in and care for me. And God is constantly providing people my age in those homes as a source of companionship and fellowship. I love how God is going before me, knowing my every need before I see it.

The first week I was in a small area called Nabouwalu where the main part of town consisted of only two shops, the open market, post office, and police post. One never knew when the electricity would be working, and the nearest internet connection was five hours away. I stayed with Pastor Vilitati, a Fijian EE field worker, and his family. The church was right next to their home. Pastor Vilitati has such a passion for youth and evangelism. The Lord is truly using him in these areas as he is overseer of all youth ministry in Vanua Levu. I have grown close to him. He is such an example to me and has become like a father to me. My time there was relaxing and wonderful. I was humbled by their way of living. I was able to spend a great amount of time with the youth there encouraging them in their faith and calling while building relationships with them. I also traveled to a nearby village to speak at a youth gathering where I was able to challenge them in taking every moment to serve Christ wholeheartedly.

The second week I was in another town called Labasa(one of the main towns on the island). Several Fijian EE workers and I conducted an EE clinic at one of the biggest churches in town. There were twenty-two trainees from four different churches who attended the clinic. The trainers came from different places in Fiji to help with the clinic. Most of the trainers I had already known from past clinics so it was a nice little reunion. It was a blessing to see these trainers serve and make themselves available to help with another clinic. God is continuing to build up these youth to lead and equip others in sharing the Gospel. Many of them will be attending the youth conference I am organizing for December, so I am really looking forward to spending more time with them. All the trainees were so encouraged by the clinic. As a result, the host church will be starting a thirteen week semester of EE among their congregation! This week their church is fasting as they prepare to implement EE and recruit church members to train. Two of the youth trainers will be conducting the teaching during the semester. Praise God for those who are ready to do His work and proclaim Christ! During this week I stayed with another pastor and his family. I felt so at home with them. It was a wonderful time of bonding and sharing. I was also able to have several tutoring sessions with their daughter Ana who has been struggling in math. I really enjoyed using my background to help her. This family has taken me in as part of their family.

Since being back in Nadi, we have been preparing for the six week Implementation Field Worker(IFW) Training. We will be training over thirty people from India, Spain, Vanuatu, Fiji, Malaysia, African nations, etc to be full-time EE workers. It is a beautiful thing to fellowship with believers from all over the world! I am also working on further plans for the partnership of Kid’s EE with One Hope. It is such an exciting time. There is so much work to be done!

Prayer Requests:

Follow-up with the EE clinic just completed in Labasa

Finalizing plans for the December youth conference

IFW Training

One Hope & Kid’s EE partnership (preparing to launch new workshops globally)

Anshu (young Indian girl who received Christ during one of my OJTs)

Talatala Orisi, Radini Paulini, Jovesa, & family in Labasa :)

Hanging out with the kids after church

Precious children who have been trained in Kid's EE

Teaching the kids action songs during Sunday School

Me & Isimeli Maba

The clinic group

Break time: Seva, Bale, & Rusi

Some of the trainees at the clinic

EE clinic at Evangel Temple, Labasa

My OJT team during the clinic: Mere & Luisa....such godly passionate women!

Talatala Vilitati's church

after church with some of the gals, wearing my new jaba hehe

hanging out with some of the little boys

Saturday= youth day...visiting Buna in the hospital

Talatala Vilitati's house where I stayed in Nabouwalu....gunuti (breakfast)

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