Friday, March 5, 2010

Mountains....they shall be removed

So it's been awhile since I've blogged....

It's already 2010...and it's already the 3rd month. Whoa. I still remember when I first got to Fiji not knowing what my ministry would look like. The journey has been full of amazing experiences and its moments of conflict. Being a missionary truly means leaving everything behind and diving full-force into God's work without any hesitation. When you're willing and available that's when God can use you. We cannot afford to hold back.....the love of Christ compels us.

Cross-cultural missions is always an adventure. It's a lifestyle of learning and growth. Just when you think you've got it, something comes up and brings you back to reality that you are just breaking the surface. There is such a need to always be aware and sensitive in every aspect of ministry. There are moments when I know I belong and am becoming a local.....and there are those moments when I feel utterly alone and helpless. I praise God that He continues to sustain me through the ups and downs. Within each hardship God has been present. I am more than a conqueror! Every mountain that comes my way God gives me the strength to remove it. When I am discouraged or hurt, I stand against the evil one who wants me to give up and run or hide. Battles come and we stand firm and face them knowing we have victory. I am so blessed to have incredible friends and family back home who, despite being miles upon miles away, are fully present and available as my support system. Without it I would be completely lost. And God has placed special people here in Fiji that push me to press on and embrace me with arms open wide. There always people to receive me and build me up. As a missionary you go with the flow. You rise to the call. You go above and beyond. You never know what is gonna come next, but you trust that God is already there going before you and working mightily.

I'm constantly on the move and I love that. I get antsy being in one place....and I never want to waste a minute. My mind never stops thinking about what needs to come next in ministry. There are so many youth and children to reach out to, to challenge and inspire, to be encouraged in their faith, and to know that there is an awesome God waiting to create an intimate relationship with them!!! Since the local fijian youth course in December, I have seen the participants continue to grow in their gifts and talents as well as mentor others to witness as a way of life. I have 3 more weeks in Fiji before I go home to FL for 2 months for a time of rest and renewal as well as support raising. Right now I'm traveling around doing follow-up on youth as well as visiting churches and youth groups.

Praise Jesus for His neverending grace.....unfailing love.....compassion & mercy. Without it I would be drowning.

Always expect BIG THINGS FROM GOD!!!!

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