Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ministry and beyond

Maba and the Communication Team

Hubby's artwork for my Workshop posters
Kids Workers finished with their staff training in Hope for Kids
Training activities

Local workshop with EE staff and trainees

Local Workshop in Nadi


Teaching and training in action

Visiting baby Akeneta in Suva
Indian veggie meal! yum

We were craving fish :)
Quality time in town

 Jeremiah 17:7,12
“But BLESSED is the man who TRUSTS in the Lord, and whose CONFIDENCE is in him….A glorious throne, exalted from the beginning, is the place of our SANCTUARY.”

Ministry Highlights

Communications Training –
Maba thoroughly enjoyed his 2 weeks training to become a Communications teacher for EE International staff training courses. He was part of a great team with a wonderful, gifted leader training them. It really pushed him in his leadership and communication skills within ministry. He had a lot of late nights studying and practicing! Maba was able to apply everything he learned by observing and evaluating the EE field workers undergoing staff training, and he did a such great job! It was wonderful to see him in action and go to another level of leadership and training!

Training EE International Staff –
August 6-10 I was at the EE Centre to train 13 people from the U.S., India, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands in the Hope for Kids ministry. I was able to explain and demonstrate what the ministry is all about to the group and prepare them to run the ministry in their own nations. Each person was given the opportunity to do practice teaching where I evaluated and critiqued them on their presentations. It was amazing to see them grow as leaders and teachers as they became confident and fully understand all I had taught them. They were ready to fly out from the nest!

Local Hope for Kids Workshop –
August 20-22 I supervised the group to run their own Hope for Kids Workshop at a local church in Fiji so that they would understand how everything should work when they do it in their home countries. They each had their part to teach and train 22 Sunday school teachers from 12 different churches. I was so proud of them! They worked hard to present the material in a clear manner with enthusiasm. The workshop participants were so encouraged and inspired during those 3 days! They went away excited and ready to teach their children how to share the Gospel and grow in their faith! And I was so grateful for Maba’s help during the workshop to organize the morning tea and lunch for 45 people and run necessary errands and drive everyone around for those 3 days! I couldn’t have done it all without him!

Losing a dear friend and brother…..
On August 5th a dear family friend passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was in the Coastguard and just 27 years old. The passing of PJ hit me so hard. I had to ask someone to fill in for some of my teaching sessions and I couldn’t sleep for a few nights. He was one of my best friends growing up, we were basically family. Maba was really there to comfort and support me, which was a blessing. Everyone wanted me to fly home for the funeral but due to ministry commitments and expenses it was not possible. I was, however, able to write a letter that was read during the wake and I watched the memorial service through a livestream viewing which I was truly grateful for. The ceremony was very moving as PJ was given Coastguard and Military honors/recognition and many family and friends were there to share about the impact he had made to so many. But praise the Lord, PJ is in a better place rejoicing with our Savior! Please keep his family(the Facuns) in your prayers as they continue to grieve and mourn over their unexpected loss.

Catching up with EE family and friends –
This month I was really happy to visit and catch up with different people. Maba and I took a 5-hour trip to visit my old roommate La who had a baby girl recently. We brought some gifts for the family and had a great time just sharing stories of life, marriage, and ministry. A big encouragement to me was especially meeting up with Ninny, one of my dear girlfriends here whom I used to hang out with all the time on the mission field and was part of the team I took to the Solomon Islands last year. She shared with us that God had opened up an opportunity for her to do overseas missions in the Marshall Islands! Maba and I were able to pray over her and encourage her. It is so amazing to see someone I have ministered to take this step of faith! She thanked me for all I had done to lift her up spiritually and push her to go outside her comfort zone. She flew out last Sunday night with a 2 year work-visa!

U.S. Embassy –
We were able to submit Maba’s U.S. tourist visa application a few weeks ago! And he had his interview at the U.S. Embassy yesterday! We have been really trusting the Lord with all of this. Now we are praying and waiting for the confirmation letter in the mail! Then we will finish raising our funds to book our plane tickets! We are hoping to visit Florida for a few months at the end of this year!

Upcoming Events –
·      Nation Building Conference (September 10-21) at the EE Training Centre where over 20 nations will be represented – Maba and I are helping with legistics and running the worship team
·      EE Oceania Kids Workers Training (2nd week of October) – I will be conducting a training for all the Kids Workers regarding the expansion of the Hope for Kids Ministry

Prayer Needs:

·      Hope to receive Maba’s confirmation and approval of a U.S. tourist visa then finish raising the funds for our airfare
·      Good health and time to rest amidst the busyness
·      Preparations for the Sept. EE Conference – Worship team practice

Thank you for supporting us in this ministry! And thank you for being part of all that is happening here in Fiji! God is empowering His people in different ways to build His Kingdom. I hope you are blessed and encouraged by what has happened during this month. Please continue to pray for us and this ministry. If you feel led to give additionally or renew support please refer to the info below! And if you know anyone would enjoy this update or have the desire to give to this ministry please pass this along!

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With Love and Thanksgiving,
Sarah Abadines Maba

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