Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jesus seen in the Islands of Fiji

Vunato settlement outreach - helping families rebuild and extend their homes that were damaged in the March floods, sharing the Gospel to the families, praying for healing, cleaning up the area, and surrendering this area to the Lord (this area is filled with spiritual warfare and witchcraft)

Nabila village visit for church. The girls are performing a Fiji dance "meke" for the congregation. 

Maba leading a session during the EE clinic with the interns.

Group shot of interns and clinic trainees.

Boys performing their "meke" at the youth leadership training

Matching, matching, matching! hehe

Living the island life!

Galatians 6:9
“Let us not become WEARY in doing GOOD, for at the proper time we will REAP a harvest if we DO NOT GIVE UP.”

This month is summed up by the word PERSEVERANCE.

Ministry Highlights:

Continuing EE Interns Course – Maba and I finished up the 6 weeks interns course with the group last week (July 26). Once we all returned from Vanuatu, the schedule was extremely hectic. From early morning to late night our energy and strength was expended to serve the group in various ways. I praise God for sustaining us to lead. As leaders we continued to learn the quality of selflessness and sacrifice. We did not have many moments for just us to have down time together, but God provided it for us just when we needed it. We were so blessed to be part of the interns group. There was such spiritual maturity and openness. I was inspired in different ways by each person in the group. By the end of the course, it was emotional to separate and say our goodbyes because we had all become one big family.

Vunato Outreach Project – The interns group spent a day in a settlement located near a town, river, and garbage dump. Within this settlement is much spiritual warfare and witchcraft which we could all feel in the atmosphere. The people there were badly affected by the recent floods. We were able to bless 2 families with materials to rebuild and extend their homes as well as do an area clean-up. The interns also had opportunities to do OJT and share the Gospel which resulted in people coming to know Jesus and being healed physically. We praise God for using us to shake up that place in the name of Jesus!

Being an example –  During this past month God used me specifically speak into the lives of the young ladies who participated in the internship and were thinking about full-time ministry and/or mission work. Several of them were wondering what it was like to be a single woman on the mission field, and they were interested to hear about my obstacles and accomplishments the past few years. By sharing my life story and journey as a missionary, God used me to encourage and challenge them to continue to seek their calling, be specific with God, and ask for confirmation and peace. They were so grateful to me for making my life an open book (without hesitation or fear) for them to know and dissect. I love when God uses me to affirm and empower His daughters to rise above the norm and make a difference in whatever ways He chooses to use them!

Wifehood and Marriage – It’s only been 2 months, but God has been showing me so much about what it means to be married and to be a wife. I’ve had a strong and determined personality my whole life, and now God is breaking me down in areas to listen and submit. I’ve been so humbled by Maba’s leadership in our marriage as he steps up in different ways. Since we’ve been so busy with ministry, I’ve truly cherished the moments of quality time we have had in the midst of the crazyness. God has been showing us that from a strong foundation of love and servanthood we have for one another will overflow into showing love and grace to others! And we were able to see that during the internship. Many of the interns came up to us saying, “Thank you for the example you both set through your leadership and marriage. We could immediately feel the warmth and generosity in the way you both serve.” It has been such a huge blessing to serve side by side with Maba.

Testimonies from Interns – Many of the interns came up to us as the internship was concluding with encouragement and words of affirmation.

Amberly (26 yr. old from Florida)
“Sarah, you radiate with such spiritual beauty. You have such patience to meet the needs of others and truly trust God with your whole heart. You are so real in the way live out your faith. I’ve never met anyone like you and I don’t think I ever will.”

John (26 yr. old from South Carolina)
“Maba, you have such spiritual strength in you.  You are a warrior for God. You demand respect and authority by the way you carry yourself that is a great spiritual example for us young guys.”

Shiwei & Sherron (mid-twenties engaged couple from Singapore)
“Sarah & Maba, thank you for being living testimonies of what it means to live out your faith with complete surrender. You have shown us what it looks like to serve God as a couple, and we admire how you walk together to balance ministry and personal life.”

Short Break – Once the Internship ended, Maba and I had only 3 days to relax before coming back to the EE centre for the next commitment. We basically slept a lot, had one date night, and did a big cleaning up at our place.

EE Staff Training (Implementation Field Worker Course) – The next 2-3 weeks Maba and I are back at the EE Centre for separate roles. Maba is here for a communications training where he will become qualified to lead the communications aspect of EE staff training courses. I am here preparing to train the Hope for Kids workers to lead the ministry in their own countries.

Prayer Needs:
·      Maba participating in the communication training with the ability to absorb and learn and put everything into practice
·      Myself training the Hope for Kids workers to lead and teach effectively
·      Enough energy, strength, and rest with our hectic schedules
·      Quality time and down time for Maba and I in the midst of all the busyness
·      Follow-up with ministry contacts, young people we mentor, and other young IFWs

Thank you for spiritually and financially investing in the Pacific and beyond! This past month the impact of ministry exploded and expanded in so many ways! I am constantly in awe of who God is and have fallen more in love with Him. I hope your hearts are moved by all I have shared. Please continue to pray for us and this ministry. If you feel led to give additionally or renew support please refer to the info below!

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So blessed,
Sarah Abadines Maba

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