Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 2013 Ministry Update

Children witnessed to during Hope for Kids OJT

Church members who graduated in the EE semester

EE Field Worker Graduation Ceremony 

Myself, Maba, Lavenia, Metui, and baby Akeneta during the birthday party

Beach picnic with Maba's family eating lots of fresh fish!

Maba preaching in the village Methodist church to mostly relatives

Visiting the preschool students in the village and teaching them fun things

Maba and I wearing kalavata for church, what a gorgeous view!

Traveling around the island

Sharing to the youth during Wednesday evening

Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

This month of June has been truly wonderful in so many ways! I’ve experienced new things about the Fiji culture and have embraced my responsibilities on the mission field to a greater level! Also, Maba and I celebrated our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY and took time to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness this past year. This Saturday – June 29th – marks FOUR YEARS of serving in Fiji full time as a missionary with Evangelism Explosion International! I was also able to apply for an “exemption status” to continue reside in Fiji since I’m married to a Fiji citizen which means I will no longer have to apply anymore for work permits (my current one expires this August) which used to be so tedious and costly! So many things to give God all the glory! I hope you will be greatly encouraged by this ministry update.

Major Events:

The EE International Field Workers that I trained in May were able to practice teaching and leading during a local workshop. I was able to sit back and see them shine! They were children’s leaders from 5 different churches who were very blessed by the training. Our group was also able to share to 15 children one afternoon where 9 of them prayed to receive Jesus Christ! The EE workers did an amazing job, and I was so proud of how far they had come since first arriving in Fiji for their staff-training course. Maba and I were able to host the Hope for Kids workers in our home for a time of reflection and fellowship, which was a blessing and privilege. They shared testimonies of how they had grown personally and spiritually and in leadership. We also attended the graduation of the 38 field workers. They finished their course and were ready to go back to their nations as full-time staff for EE International.

Maba and I were invited one evening to attend a gathering of local church pastors and leaders and their wives. It was a great time of fellowship and a big feast, which gave us the opportunity to share about our mission work with EE and promote the ministry to them. It was also good to catch up with ministry contacts who support us in our ministry. We praise God for events that bring His people together from different church backgrounds and denominations!

We took a 9-day vacation to an outer island to celebrate our one-year anniversary. This area is where Maba’s mom is from and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! It was a long journey to get there. It takes 10-12 hours by boat to reach this island! WHEW! We stayed with Maba’s Uncle and the family who live right on the beach. We ate lots of fresh seafood, went swimming everyday, and spent time in the village. I also really enjoyed visiting the village preschool every morning and teaching the little ones words in English and Sunday school songs. God also gave us opportunities to serve and reach out. One day we were guest speakers for their youth night, and Maba preached during the Sunday morning service at the Methodist church. It was such a testimony for everyone in that area (who are Maba’s relatives) to see how far God has taken Maba since he was a young boy. I learned so much during our time there about Maba’s family history and more about the Fijian culture. An amazing experience was having a beach picnic with all Maba’s cousins. The boys went free diving for fish then we cooked them on an open fire. The girls cooked the cassava then filled bowls with saltwater from the ocean and mixed it with lemon and chili to dip the fresh fish in as you eat! What a delicious meal it was!

After 8 weeks of teaching in our local church, 17 church members finished the Adult EE training. They were able to have several opportunities to go out on OJT and share the Gospel in town. Some were nervous at first, but the Holy Spirit gave them courage and the words to say. They were so excited to learn an easy way of witnessing to others. Last week Tuesday we had a graduation ceremony for the to receive their EE certificates and the church prepared a special dinner for everyone. Those trained were so moved by all they had learned and there are pumped up to go out and witness as a way of life! I also taught some of the youth from our church small group a Fiji meke dance and we were able to perform it during the ceremony, which was great fun! Maba and I are so blessed by how God is using us in this church to equip others and disciple young people.

We traveled to Suva for a few days to help my old roommate/close friend Lavenia and her husband throw a first birthday party for their daughter Akeneta. It was fun to help her plan and organize everything. Maba and I prepared decorations and assisted with errands and the food. We wanted to make sure this little baby girl had the best birthday party ever! It was a great celebration with over 150 people in attendance! And I was so blessed to be part of it as they are my family. We don't see them often so it meant alot to me to spend quality time with them.

Birthdays are special and fun. It was always like that growing up in my family. And I was so blessed to be spoiled by my husband in different ways! Also, my family also sent me a package that also had some treats for Maba, my sister-in-law baked me a beautiful rainbow cake, and our church small group also threw me a little birthday gathering. Then on Sunday my real birthday, we arrived at the EE Centre where they celebrated with me again with a big chocolate cake! Wow – 27 feels great! God is so good!

This week 27 individuals arrived in Fiji at the EE Training Centre. They come from 10 different nations and will be here for 6 weeks. Maba and I are part of the leadership team to be with the group. I’m so excited to serve in this way and fellowship with them! They are all here to seek God’s unique and specific calling for their lives. They a great bunch of young people with the heart and passion to grow in faith and be obedient to God’s will for them. We were blessed as some of the American and Australian interns brought us some goodies such as toiletries, household supplies, Christian books, and lots of chocolate!!!

You can follow our blog at http://pacificinternship2013.blogspot.com

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support! We are unable to do the work we do without them. God ceases to amaze us with opportunities to serve! People continue to be ministered to, people continue to receive Jesus, and people are partnering with us on the mission field. May we all glorify God in acting with grace and speaking in ways that are full of grace! God bless you all!

Prayer Needs
·      Pacific Interns seeking God’s call for their lives
·      Internship leaders (myself, Maba, Langdon, Training centre staff)
·      Trip to Vanuatu next week to hold EE trainings with an Australian mission team
·      Personal and ministry expenses

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