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In His Strength, NOT Ours

Pacific Interns 2013

Family Reunion!

Meke dance at youth rally in Vanuatu

Traveling together :)

Maba teaching during the EE clinic

Community project painting a village church

Cascades waterfalls - sightseeing in Port Vila

H4K OJT in Pango village

Nabila village weekend

July/August 2013
Ministry Update

“The task before us is never as great as the power behind” – Anonymous

“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” – 2 Chronicles 16:9

During the past 2 months God has shown Himself strong on our behalf over and over again. As He gives us opportunities to serve and lead, we continue to be lifted up in faith, stretched in ministry, and stand in awe of God’s power and grace over our daily lives. I’m currently reading “Because He Loves Me” by Elyse Fitzpatrick and it has encouraged me in so many ways. For example, the author writes that God’s work is always redemptive and He has done all He has done so that our lives would overflow with loving praise for His glorious grace! How amazing is our God?! Even when we are anxious about responsibilities on the mission field or come across a difficult situation, we praise God that He is greater than anything we ever face in life! And we've recently received some mission support that has helped us greatly. There’s a lot to share so stay tuned and be blessed!


For 6 weeks, 27 individuals were in Fiji at the EE Training Centre. They came from 10 different nations (USA, Mexico, England, Romania, Khazakstan, Australia, China, India, Fiji, and Vanuatu). Maba and I were part of the leadership team to organize the internship and serve the group. The interns were seeking God’s unique calling for their lives. The internship consisted of teaching sessions to help the individuals discover their strengths, passions, and further understand their role in God’s Kingdom. The group also carried out community projects and EE trainings. It was a blessing to pour into these interns and share our testimonies of being in full-time ministry. We were also able to share about the culture, lifestyle, and religious background in Fiji, provide some basic language lessons, and teach cultural dances. We saw God move in many ways. Many of them received direction and confirmation from the Lord regarding their next steps in pursuing God’s will for their lives.

Maba and I especially enjoyed times of leading worship and devotion. I’d like to share with you what we spoke on and hope it encourages you. Maba spoke on Psalm 40:1-3 about waiting patiently for the Lord and trusting God to lift us up from whatever pit, mud, and mire we may be facing in our lives, whether a physical, cultural, financial, mental, or emotional distraction, that is hindering us from carrying out His will for us. Maba encouraged them to declare that God is our Deliverer and Counselor! During my session I spoke on Ephesians 2:10 and 4:1-13. I encouraged the group to declare that we all are a unique masterpiece of God who has gone before us in all things! I challenged them to always pursue peace and unity in the body of Christ where God is over all (Sovereign and in supreme authority), through all (by Jesus we are all saved), and in all (the Holy Spirit dwells in us). We each have our gifts of grace for individual and corporate purposes in His Kingdom.

During the internship the team traveled to Vanuatu. It was such a blessing to do missions overseas with my husband for the 2nd time. This year we worked in Pango village. It’s such a blessing to also serve with the EE Vanuatu team, they are like family to us! During the adult EE training, 9 churches were represented by 29 trainees where 174 heard the Gospel and 98 prayed to receive Christ. During the Hope for Kids workshop, 11 churches were represented by 26 trainees. One afternoon we conducted an OJT at the local primary school where 65 students heard the Gospel and 27 prayed to receive Christ. We also hosted a youth rally in the village where over 100 people attended. Maba led the event and the Pacific interns team performed a Fiji traditional dance called a “meke”. It was a great night of fellowship with the local Nivans. Also during that week I got to spend time with one of my best friends Sally! I cherished those moments since we only see each other once or twice a year. Since we are older than Sally, in Fijian culture her little daughter Jen calls me “NaLevu” (big mom) and calls Maba “TaLevu” (big dad)! Hehe We had a great time catching up! Maba and I also stumbled upon a Filipino restaurant! I was ecstatic to find it! I had Maba try a traditional fried pork dish with garlic rice and a dessert called halo-halo. It made me feel like I was at home or in the Philippines with family!

Another part of the internship is to have the team spend time in a local village to immerse themselves in the culture/lifestyle. We hosted a youth rally where the interns led the program with worship, testimonies, and special items. There were 8 local youth groups present, and they were all very encouraged by all the interns shared. One morning we did a community project by painting an Assembly of God church in the village. The senior pastor and church members were so blessed. Sunday service was encouraging as we observed the villagers with so much joy in their faith despite lacking in other areas of life.

We prepared the interns to run an EE clinic by teaching them how to present the dramas, demonstrations, and teaching sessions. It was amazing to see these young people step up and embrace their roles. They particularly enjoyed the OJT outings as they saw God move within many different situations and among many different kinds of people. During that week Maba and I invited the whole team to our place. It was fun to have them visit our home and give them an idea of how we live outside the EE centre.

For 4 weeks of the internship, our dear friend from Florida joined our leadership team. Amberly was an intern from last year and is one of our amazing financial supporters! I was so grateful to have a girlfriend from home around for a bit. She brought “home” to us in different ways. Maba and I learned so much from her about intentionally listening to others and praying specifically for God’s people. She has great wisdom with a beautiful Shepherd’s heart for the children of God. She provided so much encouragement to us.

During the last week of the internship the group did something special and memorable together. We washed each other’s feet on the veranda serving one another and praying for each other. It was a powerful time of fellowship! It was the first time Maba and I had done that and it was extremely humbling.

We gave the interns an opportunity to share their heart to encourage and affirm one another by writing letters. Maba and I were so blessed by what some of the interns expressed to us. For example:
Joy (Youth Worker in Australia) – “I praise God for the way you are able to influence so many young people. I love the way you and Maba serve Jesus together!”
Faith (recent OneHope Intern in England) – “Seeing how you have stepped out in faith for missions encourages me to be able to do the same and observing your God-centered marriage is something I truly admire!”
Naomi (Hope for Kids worker in India) – “Sarah you are like a sister to me and Maba you are an amazing person with a patient heart.”
David (EE volunteer in Florida) – “You both are always serving in ways that exemplify Christ in all you do. Maba you’re strong and courageous yet have a gentle and caring spirit, and Sarah you are a godly, virtuous woman who fully trusts the Lord.”

The blog website is: - Here you can read about the interns sharing their experiences and testimonies from the 6 weeks!

Since the internship ended and everyone has gone back to their homes, we have taken time to rest and recover physically and spiritually. Maba and I have been craving the Word and spending lots of time in prayer as seek direction from the Lord for our future. It has been so nice to be at home again doing things we love like cooking together, taking long walks, and spending time with our nieces and nephews. We’ve also jumped back into local church ministry which has been wonderful.

What’s NEXT?

Our ministry goals for the rest of 2013 include the following:

o   Follow-up churches that have been trained in Island EE and Hope for Kids as well as ministry contacts from OJTs.
o   Follow-up locals who recently attended the Pacific Internship
o   Continue involvement with our local church
o   Strengthen our ministry team of local IFWs and young people volunteers
o   Serve the national EE ministry in any way we can

We are so blessed by your prayers and support! Thank you for being part of our ministry team and helping reach both those who are lost and seeking a Savior and those who are pursuing God’s call in their lives. We are having an eternal impact in Fiji and globally. May we continue to serve the Lord together wherever He has placed us! To Him be all glory, honor, and praise.

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