Thursday, April 1, 2010

God's Perfect Timing

After 9 I am on US soil! Not yet in Ft. Lauderdale however. I'm in the LAX airport sitting aimlessly for too long of a layover. About 3 more hours til my connecting flight to Florida. Basically I'm traveling for 2 days straight coming from Fiji. I slept most of the flight from Nadi to LA, thank goodness because I sat next to a newlywed couple....and you know how that is. I was like oh goodness, why am I stuck in this seat when these two over here are googoogaga over each other?! haha Plus I totally thought I was arriving home Thursday morning at 6am which was a mistake because I land Friday morning. OOPS! My poor parents woke up early Thursday morning expect me to arrive and were wondering why their daughter didn't get off that plane! Ay yi bad lol

It is such perfect timing that I am going home to Florida . I knew I would need a break for a time of rest and rejuvenation, but God knew better than I did that I would greatly need the time back home for different reasons. I need that sense of community, fellowship, and nourishment from family and friends and church. It will be an adjustment being back in an affluent western culture. I have been immersed in the Fijian culture for the past 9 months. The Fijian language will probably come out of my mouth here and there that's for sure.

I'm looking forward to so many things!
*Quality time with my parents and seestar
*Catching up with all my precious family & friends
*Girls weekend with my UCF gals - Crazy 8's
*Dining at all my fave FL eateries :)
*Sharing my experiences with supporters
*Support raising to return to Fiji for another year of missions

I know my time at home will be busy and filled with all kinds of things to do. Settling back into the US way of life, meeting up with people, and preparing myself financially, physically, and spiritually to return to Fiji. I know God is molding me for this next phase of ministry and I'm so pumped for it! My mind is always running with what needs to be planned and organized next. I will definitely cherish each moment while I am home in the US. And of course I will be missing things about Fiji and special people there who have become important in my life.

I am in such awe of how God sustains me through all things. There's an old song performed by the Crabb family that really touches my heart. The lyrics are powerful and uplifting.

"Through the Fire"
So many times I've questioned certain circumstances Or things I could not understand Many times in trials, weakness blurs my vision And my frustration gets so out of hand Its then I am reminded I've never been forsaken I've never had to stand the test alone As I look at all the victories The spirit rises up in me And its through the fire my weakness is made strong  
Chorus: He never promised that the cross would not get heavy And the hill would not be hard to climb He never offered our victories without fighting But He said help would always come in time Just remember when your standing in the valley of decision And the adversary says give in Just hold on, our Lord will show up And He will take you through the fire again  
Bridge: I know within myself that I would surely perish But if I trust the  hand of God, He'll shield the flames again, again
Psalm 40:8 says, "I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart."
Be blessed ~ Sarah Abadines

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