Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Spirit in the Mostest Way

Our family Christmas tree of gold and white ornaments (Precious Moments theme) hehe I got to actually help decorate this time! Last year I missed out.

Painting Christmas ornaments with Jen and Rach! Loving the Christmas activities :)

The front of our gingerbread house! I'm so proud of this yummy creation hehe

Both the gingerbread houses that us girls conquered! I love us!

My Christmas footie socks! How cute right?!?! Thanks to my sister I can show these off :)

Me manning my Fiji table during the carwash. I love my poster!

Family ready with their posters to gain some cars!

My support system out on the street doin' their thing for the Car Wash! So successful!

Daddy and his girls in Magic Kingdom - so festive in the parks!

Me & the seestar, Sheilah in front of Hollywood Studios so excited for our family day at Disney

It's a dream come true! hehehe So ready to eat my Mickey's ears premium ice cream bar :) Delish!

The whole family ready to attack Magic Kingdom - bonding time!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

“Living He loved me, Dying He saved me, Buried He carried my sins far away, Rising He justified freely forever....Ooh what a Glorious Day!"
- Glorious Day by Casting Crowns.
I have been hearing this song a lot lately, and I love it. It has been a truly refreshing time for me this month preparing to celebrate the day my Savior was born into this world to rescue and redeem me! Jesus continues to strengthen my faith and hope in Him within the daily aspects of life. I hope this Christmas season has been special for you and your family!

This month I have had lots of fun being filled with the Christmas spirit by doing festive activities with family and friends such as painting Christmas ornaments and picture frames, decorating my house, making gingerbread houses, watching Christmas movies, wrapping presents, and more! I have also enjoyed how God has been using me here during my time of rest at home to counsel and lift up family and friends who have been seeking prayer, insight, and help in the midst of the ups and downs of life. I embrace any opportunity to show the love of Christ and all He offers to someone in need.

Special Events this Month:

1. Car Wash Fundraiser – I was so blessed to have family and friends help me pull this off. It was a successful event where I was able to share to the local community about the great outreach that is happening in the South Pacific.
2. Speaking at Atlantic Baptist Church – This church has been a constant source of prayer and financial support. It was such a joy to share a testimony of ministry in 2011. One lady came up to me after and said, “You share with such a passionate spirit and it takes a special, one of a kind person to do what you do. I am always moved to tears when you speak.”
3. Dinner with the boss – Rod Story, EE VP for Global Projects, came to town for a very short visit and was able to come and have dinner with my family one evening. It meant to so much to me for him to take the time to do that and meet my family and fellowship with us. I was so honored when he told my parents, “Sarah is one of the most respected people on staff with us.” I believe he was able to provide my parents with more peace about what I do and how I am doing so well in Fiji.
4. Catching up with Supporters – I was able to go to Orlando and visit a girlfriend and her husband. I was the maid of honor in her wedding. We have stayed close. It was so great sharing with them as they were so interested in the different aspects of Fiji and ministry. We even google earthed my house in Fiji! Hehe
5. Disney trip – Spending quality time with my whole family at Disney World was really special and fun. We even got my Dad to go on the Tower of Terror! I also got to eat my favorite Mickey’s ears ice cream bar ☺ And Disney at Christmas time is beautiful as most of you know so I just soaked up the atmosphere.
6. Kids Corner – Outreach outing with my family and friends to a local children’s home for kids who are seriously ill and whose parents are unable to care for them. It broke my heart to see these little ones and older kids in the medical state they were in. We went and handed out lots of Christmas presents to them, which brought smiles to their precious faces!

I would like to share a few things from my personal devotion time that the Lord has encouraged and challenged me with this month. I have been reading through Ezra and Nehemiah this month. In Ezra 1, God moved in King Cyrus of Persia to help the exiles return and appointed him to rebuild the temple of the Lord. It was a new beginning for Israel. My devotional said, “It’s just like God to send us hope through the little details of everyday life. Look for Him to stir your soul with His creative refreshment and anticipate a new season with Him ahead for you.” In Nehemiah 1, Nehemiah is broken and filled with compassion for the Israelites and their troubles as they have returned from exile. He prays and intercedes on their behalf to the Lord for restoration and favor. I was encouraged by what my devotional said here, “Prayer seeks. Prayer desires. Prayer expects.”

2011 is ending and soon 2012 will be upon us. My prayer is that we be filled with excitement and anticipation of a new season with the Lord. And may we be ready to be even more stretched and sanctified according to the calling He has given us. I also hope that we would pray with a heart that is longing for Him to teach us His ways in more intimately in our daily lives.

As this year wraps up, I am also very focused on support raising. I will be heading back to Fiji on January 24th and I am praying to reach my budget goal. And I am starting to buy and gather things I will need to take back with me to Fiji such as proper clothing, toiletries, ministry supplies, etc. I am currently at 80% towards my support - Amen for that!!! For those of you who are part of that 80% - Thank you SO MUCH. I know God will abundantly bless you for your giving heart and willingness to reach out in a real way.

If you want to make a real difference this Holiday Season, make a one-time gift or monthly donation to this ministry. See the information below!

Please also see pictures attached! And for MORE!

Ways to Support:
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Be Blessed,
Sarah Abadines

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