Monday, January 30, 2012

Bittersweet Endings and Fresh Beginnings

Holiday Sweets - Rice Krispie Treats!

Ready for the Christmas Eve service at Church

My family opening presents on Christmas Eve - totally breaking our family tradition of waiting for Christmas Day haha

My family at home on Christmas Day hosting a brunch with family friends

Hanging out in downtown Atlanta with my sister, Stephen, David, and Amy enjoying the cold weather

My sister and I visiting family in Atlanta, GA. Us 4 cousins are super close and always get together for reunions!

Special Girls Night Out with my sister Sheilah, JenJen, and Yvette who was in town from Texas - dinner and line dancing!

Ice Cream Outing with family friends :)
Ecclesiastes 3:1
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

Happy New Year Everyone!

The month of January was full of mixed emotions and much busyness trying to accomplish different things and spend as much quality time with family and friends. As this year begins many things are unknown. God has been testing my mind and heart to fully surrender to Him and follow His leading. I realize I exert so much energy and strength trying to control every detail of my life; it’s exhausting. God continues to remind me to let Him have control of all aspects of my daily life in a world that is full of chaos and unpredictability and sin.

I praise God that the Gospel’s message truly frees me from needing to be in control and live life on my own and earn salvation! My prayer is that we all will continue to remind ourselves of the Gospel’s message each day, use it to persevere in where God has placed us, and share His grace and mercy with others. John 1:16 says, “For from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.” (ESV) This verse declares that we RECEIVED, NOT ACHIEVED, God’s amazing GRACE. And it’s not just grace – its GRACE UPON GRACE! What a beautiful and uplifting statement! I hope that encourages you today.

In the past few months that I was home, God continued to confirm His calling in my life as He provided my support funds through you all and your desire to reach out in the Pacific. I reached the 85% mark towards my budget goal and that is such a blessing. Thank you for partnering with me to make an eternal difference!

Right before I left Florida, I felt so much love from my family and friends. It was bittersweet preparing to leave. I was able to gather most of the things I needed to come back to Fiji. I packed 3 big luggages and 2 carry-on bags and flew out on January 24th. At the LAX airport the late night flight to Fiji was cancelled due to mechanical issues, so the airline put up all the passengers in a hotel with meal vouchers. I was exhausted and disappointed to be delayed but decided that God knew I needed rest and time to myself before arriving on the mission field. I used that next 24 hours to relax and enjoy the down time. So the next evening I finally hopped on a plane to Fiji without paying international excess baggage fees! Whew! The flight wasn’t full which was such a blessing so I was able to have space and lie down in row to sleep. I have arrived safely in Fiji with all my belongings ☺

The past several days of being back in Fiji has been wonderful. However the weather is very rainy and hot. I have met up with ministry contacts and have a few workshops lined up. And I have been able to spend time with Maba catching up and hanging out after not seeing each other for almost 4 months!
This month I also found out exciting news. One of the young Fijian-Indian girls, Ranjini, whom I have mentored the past few years has gotten engaged to a nice Fijian-Indian guy, Vashneel, with a stable job and heart for supporting mission work! I know them well as a couple and they have overcome much as the guy’s family is against them since they are from a Hindu background. Vashneel’s parents do not want to help them in any way and have said they will not attend the wedding. Maba and I have been able to encourage and mentor this couple and are so excited to celebrate their big day with them this coming March. Maba and I will both be part of the ceremony to support Ranjini and Vashneel. Please keep them in your prayers!

Prayer Requests:
*Weather – there are tropical storms hovering around the Pacific since it is the rainy season so please pray for safety as areas have flood warnings
*New place – trying to shift to a new area that will be easier for ministry and personal purposes
*Ministry – Hope for Kids workshops and organizing youth retreats
*Support – Additional funds needed to meet full budget goal
*Maba and I as we continue to move forward and seek the Lord

****If you feel led to give or know someone who would like to help this ministry please see the info below.
Ways to Support:
Online -
*Click on "Ways to Support" then "Online Giving"
*Type "Sarah Abadines 6124" in the box provided
*Type in amount and complete the given instructions
*If support is to be monthly – please indicate
Make checks out to Evangelism Explosion International and on memo line write
"Sarah Abadines 6124" (all checks tax deductible)
Mail to: Evangelism Explosion International
P.O. Box 23820 Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33307-3820

Be Blessed,
Sarah Abadines

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